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Import Last Player Picked Dollar Values To Draft Buddy

Last Player Picked tab from Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy

[Editor’s Note: This post originally published February 17, 2015, added back to link properly from Last Player Picked.]

Pretty big update today folks with a cool new feature for the fantasy baseball Draft Buddy. Here are the details:

Last Player Picked Integration

You know the online Last Player Picked Price Guide tool, right? It is, perhaps the original, fantasy baseball dollar value calculator. There is a roto scoring version and a fantasy points version. We added it to the website last year.

The LPP dollar value methodology is different than Draft Buddy, as they were each developed independently. At one point I thought about changing the Draft Buddy methodology to be the same as LPP, but that hasn’t come to fruition.

However, one of Draft Buddy’s strengths is its draft tracking ability, so even if you prefer dollar values generated from LPP, Draft Buddy is still useful after transferring the results from LPP to Draft Buddy. Last year I wrote a post on how to do this, but now I’ve made that process a lot easier.

Open Draft Buddy, and scroll to end of the tabs for a default CSV (comma separated file) from LPP. Run your own LPP results with the online tool, and at the end click League Info for the Export to CSV link. Download and open your CSV file, highlight the whole thing, copy and paste it on top of the current CSV output in Draft Buddy.

Final step, go to the options tab and at the top change the new Dollar Value Methodology option from Draft Buddy to Last Player Picked. Then hit Compile Cheatsheets, and the values in Draft Buddy on each of the hitters, pitchers and overall cheatsheets should match your values from LPP.

If you want to update the values, then perform the same steps creating a new CSV download from Last Player Picked, copy it to Draft Buddy, and run Compile Cheatsheets.

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  • The news feature now creates new Draft Buddy update files directly on our server, every hour, so even though your copy of Draft Buddy may have the most up to date projections, there could be updated news headlines you can import using the Update Projections button. Projections are still updated periodically (weekly) along with depth charts and ADP, and available when I post on Twitter, Facebook, or identified through the Check for Update button on the action tab in Buddy.

  • Mike


    Now that is an old comment. This post originally talked about a few new features (at the time) so I cut those out to leave the important stuff. Couldn’t believe how this post was from 2015! Time flies.

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