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Fantasy baseball season is underway in anticipation of 2023 Major League Baseball, and Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is ready to download. Some of you already jumped in to download version 1.0 before I had a chance to post it is ready. All good! Nice to connect with people about baseball again now the 2022-23 NFL season is down to the Super Bowl.

What Is Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy?

Draft Buddy isn’t only the name of this website, but also the name of our custom cheat sheet and draft tool. It is in Microsoft Excel. You do need Microsoft Excel to use Draft Buddy. It has a long, long – long – track record of helping people prep for and track their fantasy draft.

To create custom cheat sheets or rankings for your fantasy baseball league, input your scoring format – fantasy points or roto, number of teams in your league, roster size, starters at each position, and scoring rules. Then click a button and Draft Buddy generates a hitters, pitchers, and overall rankings cheat sheet.

Once you are happy with your cheat sheets, the draft tracker portion allows you to input the picks in your draft. Draft Buddy marks players off the various cheat sheets, and updates rosters and other reports.

There are many more options to explore. There is also a fantasy football version.

Latest Draft Buddy Updates

As our veteran users know, there is a ton of data in Draft Buddy. It requires many updates to roll over from one year to the next. Here is a laundry list of what is updated right now in 2023 version 1.0:

I hope to add more sets of projections, assuming the guys who do the projections are agreeable. I need to test draft sync with NFBC. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, too.

I usually update each set of projections and ADP that are in Draft Buddy on a weekly basis. Player news items, found on the far right of the hitters data and pitchers data tabs, are updated daily. Although you still need to force a projections update via the action tab to receive the latest including news.

Projection Pal, the optional add-on tool to help import other fantasy baseball projections into Draft Buddy, is also available.

Download Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy

To download Draft Buddy, you need to (sort of) purchase to access the download links. I say sort of, because there is no cost. Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is still free like prior years. However, donations are accepted and very much appreciated to help cover the costs of the site and my time.

Veteran users, the site is using a new membership system. If you are trying to login with your old account and not having any success, that is probably why. When you purchase, check the “Create an account?” checkbox to create an account in the new system. This will make it easier to return to download new versions, and maybe join some other features that are in the works.

Thanks for your time and interest! Let’s get drafting!

3 Comments on “Download 2023 Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy”

  • Mike


    Draft Buddy is updated for latest Steamer and Zeile projections, and I got the go-ahead from Derek Carty to included THE BAT projections. Those are available now too. I also added about 15 players from Keith Law’s Top 100 prospects that we didn’t have in Buddy previously.

    You can get all of these updates using Update Projections on the action tab, or download again. I’m going to update ADP and maybe the prospects tab before sending out the next member newsletter about the update.

  • sportman755@gmail.com


    Can we Customize to points

    • Mike


      Yes, Draft Buddy works for fantasy points and roto leagues, and you can select categories for each, and adjust the points for fantasy points scoring.

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