Nelson Cruz

DH · San Diego Padres

Bats R Throws R
Height 6'2" Weight 230
DOB 1980-07-01 Age 42.7
Hometown Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Dominican Republic
2023 Fantasy Rankings

NFBC ADP (15-team): 32.13, 478th

Season Projections

THE BAT-$19338435343861601449229023.421.244.295.408.703.164

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

Fantasy Baseball News Last 90 Days

  • Nelson Cruz Agrees With Padres On One-Year Deal

    The San Diego Padres and free-agent designated hitter Nelson Cruz agreed to a one-year, $1 million deal on Wednesday, pending a physical, according to sources familiar with the deal. Cruz wants to win a World Series ring and was willing to take less money to play for a contender. He is also familiar with general manager AJ Preller from their days in the Texas Rangers organization. Boomstick looked his age (42) in 2022 with the Washington Nationals, hitting .234/.313/.337 with only 10 home runs, 64 RBI, 50 runs scored, four stolen bases and a 23.6% strikeout rate. Cruz ended the year on the injured list and eventually needed surgery on his left eye, but he should be good to go for the start of the 2023 season. Fantasy managers shouldn't expect a whole lot from the seven-time All-Star in what is likely to be his final season, but he could provide some modest power numbers as a part-time DH in his new digs.

    Jan 11 · Source via Padres Nelson Cruz
  • Padres Interested In Nelson Cruz

    New York Posts' Jon Heyman reported Tuesday that the San Diego Padres are among the teams interested in free agent designated hitter Nelson Cruz. The Padres general manager AJ Preller and Cruz were both with the Texas Rangers organization earlier in their careers. The 42-year-old finally took a step back in 2022, slashing .234/.313/.337 with 10 home runs and 64 RBI in 507 plate appearances. However, until 2022 Cruz had managed to hit for elite power late into his career and still hit the ball harder than most during his down season. His DH-only eligibility limits his fantasy value beyond the potential production decline, but there may still be something left in the tank for Cruz.

    Jan 11 · Source via Padres Nelson Cruz
  • Nelson Cruz Has Received Offers For 2023 Season

    Veteran slugger Nelson Cruz had a down year with the Nationals in 2022 and turned 42 over the summer, but the seven-time All-Star doesn’t appear to be considering retirement. Cruz said in a radio appearance on Grandes en los Deportes in his native Dominican Republic that he’s already received formal offers for the 2023 season (Twitter…

    Jan 6 · MLB Trade Rumors Nelson Cruz
    2023 ATC-$19338434342841401449349224.021.245.318.408.726.163
    2023 Steamer-$48134630740741201243318424.321.241.316.397.713.156
    2023 THE BAT-$19338435343861601449229023.421.244.295.408.703.164
    2023 Zeile-$38735531740761301346318423.721.240.313.404.717.164

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

    Fielding Stats

    Apr 7vs NYML 1-5440000000125.
    Apr 8vs NYML 3-7441100000125.
    Apr 9vs NYML 0-5440000000125.
    Apr 10vs NYMW 4-2441200130125.000.500.5001.2501.750.750
    Apr 11at ATLW 11-264110000200.000.250.500.250.750.000
    Apr 13at ATLW 3-1440000000125.
    Apr 14at PITL 4-9541100001360.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Apr 15at PITW 7-254020003100.000.500.600.5001.100.000
    Apr 16at PITL 4-6550000000120.
    Apr 17at PITL 3-555010000000.
    Apr 19vs ARIW 6-1322100001133.300.500.667.5001.167.000
    Apr 19vs ARIW 1-0430000001125.
    Apr 20vs ARIL 2-1144010001000.
    Apr 21vs ARIL 3-444110012000.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Apr 22vs SFL 1-743000000100.
    Apr 23vs SFL 2-5440000000250.
    Apr 24vs SFL 3-12431000001125.
    Apr 26vs MIAL 2-5440100000125.
    Apr 27vs MIAL 1-2430000011125.
    Apr 28vs MIAL 2-343000000100.
    Apr 29at SFW 14-465200001100.
    Apr 30at SFL 3-9440100000125.
    May 1at SFW 11-544100001000.
    May 3at COLW 10-2330000000133.300.
    May 6at LAAL 0-344010000000.
    May 7at LAAW 7-3551100120480.
    May 8at LAAL 4-5421100002125.000.500.750.5001.250.000
    May 10vs NYML 2-4440200000125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    May 11vs NYMW 8-343210013100.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    May 12vs NYML 1-433000000000.
    May 13vs HOUL 1-644020000000.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    May 14vs HOUW 13-654231003100.000.750.8001.0001.800.250
    May 15vs HOUL 0-8440000000125.
    May 17at MIAL 1-5440000000375.
    May 18at MIAW 5-4540000001240.
    May 20at MILL 0-7440200000125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    May 21at MILL 1-5330100000133.300.333.333.333.666.000
    May 22at MILW 8-233020001000.000.667.667.6671.334.000
    May 23vs LADL 1-1044111000000.
    May 24vs LADL 4-955130002000.010.600.600.6001.200.000
    May 25vs LADW 1-033021000000.000.667.6671.0001.667.333
    May 26vs COLW 7-3431100011125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    May 28vs COLW 13-753210002200.000.333.600.333.933.000
    May 28vs COLL 2-3440220010250.000.500.5001.0001.500.500
    May 29vs COLW 6-5440110000250.
    May 30at NYML 5-1321100000000.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Jun 1at NYML 0-541000000300.000.000.750.000.750.000
    Jun 2at CINL 1-8440000000125.
    Jun 3at CINW 8-5552300110240.000.600.6001.2001.800.600
    Jun 4at CINW 10-854130000100.000.750.800.7501.550.000
    Jun 5at CINW 5-4440100000125.
    Jun 7at MIAL 2-12430110011125.000.333.500.6671.167.334
    Jun 8at MIAL 1-2440000000250.
    Jun 10vs MILW 11-555240013000.000.800.8001.4002.200.600
    Jun 11vs MILW 8-644121013000.000.500.5001.5002.0001.000
    Jun 12vs MILL 1-4430100001125.010.333.500.333.833.000
    Jun 13vs ATLL 5-9550210010240.000.400.400.6001.000.200
    Jun 14vs ATLL 4-10440000000125.
    Jun 15vs ATLL 2-8440000000250.
    Jun 16vs PHIL 1-1033011000000.000.333.333.6671.000.334
    Jun 17vs PHIL 3-5431000001250.
    Jun 17vs PHIL 7-8532000002240.000.000.400.000.400.000
    Jun 18vs PHIL 1-2440000000250.
    Jun 19vs PHIW 9-354010001100.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Jun 21at BALW 3-0440110010250.
    Jun 22at BALL 0-7320000001266.700.000.333.000.333.000
    Jun 24at TEXW 2-1440110000250.
    Jun 25at TEXL 2-343110012100.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Jun 26at TEXW 6-4551200030120.000.400.400.400.800.000
    Jun 27vs PITW 3-2440000000125.
    Jun 28vs PITW 3-1440000010250.
    Jun 29vs PITL 7-853220001200.000.667.800.6671.467.000
    Jul 1vs MIAL 3-644000000000.
    Jul 2vs MIAL 3-544100000000.
    Jul 3vs MIAL 4-7551100010240.
    Jul 4vs MIAL 2-3440100000125.
    Jul 7at PHIL 3-5430000000375.
    Jul 8at ATLL 2-12430000001125.
    Jul 9at ATLL 3-4440200010125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Jul 10at ATLL 3-4531100002120.000.333.600.333.933.000
    Jul 13vs SEAL 4-655011000000.
    Jul 13vs SEAL 1-2440100000250.
    Jul 14vs ATLL 4-544010001000.
    Jul 15vs ATLL 4-8220100000150.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Jul 22at ARIL 1-10440000000250.
    Jul 23at ARIL 2-743000000000.
    Jul 24at ARIW 4-3540000001120.
    Jul 25at LADW 4-1430000001250.
    Jul 26at LADW 8-3221110020150.000.500.5001.0001.500.500
    Jul 27at LADL 1-7430000001125.
    Jul 29vs STLL 2-644010000000.
    Jul 30vs STLW 7-644111002000.
    Jul 31vs STLL 0-5330100000266.700.333.333.333.666.000
    Aug 1vs NYML 3-744010000000.
    Aug 2vs NYMW 5-1430000001375.
    Aug 6at PHIL 5-1153110000200.000.333.600.333.933.000
    Aug 7at PHIL 1-13440100000250.
    Aug 8at CHCL 3-644120000000.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Aug 9at CHCW 6-5220000000150.
    Aug 10at CHCL 2-411010000000.0001.0001.0001.0002.000.000
    Aug 12vs SDL 5-10440000010125.
    Aug 13vs SDW 4-3431200001125.000.667.750.6671.417.000
    Aug 15vs CHCW 5-4441210130125.000.500.5001.5002.0001.000
    Aug 16vs CHCL 5-7440100010250.
    Aug 17vs CHCL 2-3330000010266.700.
    Aug 18at SDW 3-1430000011250.
    Aug 19at SDW 6-3550100000240.
    Aug 20at SDL 1-2440100000250.
    Aug 21at SDL 1-2441100110125.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Aug 23at SEAL 2-444000000000.
    Aug 24at SEAW 3-1440200010250.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Aug 26vs CINL 3-7440100000125.
    Aug 27vs CINL 2-6430000001250.
    Aug 28vs CINW 3-243010001100.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Aug 30vs OAKL 6-10430000010125.
    Aug 31vs OAKW 5-144010000000.
    Sep 1vs OAKW 7-554020001100.000.500.600.5001.100.000
    Sep 2at NYML 3-7220000000150.
    Sep 6at STLL 1-4430000001125.
    Sep 7at STLL 5-643210000100.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Sep 8at STLW 11-655230000000.000.600.600.6001.200.000
    Sep 10at PHIL 5-8550100000120.
    Sep 11at PHIL 5-7550000000360.
    Sep 13vs BALL 3-411000000000.
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