Emmanuel Clase

RP · Cleveland Guardians

Bats R Throws R
Height 6'2" Weight 206
DOB 1998-03-18 Age 25.0
2023 Fantasy Rankings

NFBC ADP (15-team): 3.05, 35th

Season Projections

THE BAT-6565.03235016314523219182.491.02

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

Fantasy Baseball News Last 90 Days

  • Emmanuel Clase Having Below-Average Spring

    Cleveland Guardians closer Emmanuel Clase has pitched to a 4.50 ERA during six spring games. He has a 1.33 WHIP and four strikeouts over six innings pitched. It's not a great start for Clase, but it's nothing to worry about here. As with most spring stats, don't look too much into them. The 2022 Mariano Rivera American League Reliever of the Year should be fine for the start of the season and is just getting in the work required to be ready for another dominant year. Clase is one of the top closers in the game and should be one of the first couple taken in fantasy drafts. His 1.36 ERA, 0.73 WHIP and league-leading 42 saves from a year ago put him in the upper tier again this year.

    Mar 21 · Source via Guardians Emmanuel Clase closers
    2023 ATC-6565.04336006814514218172.351.00
    2023 Steamer-7070.04335017919595224212.701.11
    2023 THE BAT-6565.03235016314523219182.491.02
    2023 Zeile-6868.6433541721451000182.310.93

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

    Apr 9at KCL 0-10.0010000020010
    Apr 11at KCW 10-71.000000111102218.002.00
    Apr 13at CINW 7-31.00000020100000.001.00
    Apr 20vs CWSW 2-11.00000000000000.000.00
    Apr 21vs CWSW 6-31.00000000000000.000.00
    Apr 23at NYYL 4-50.201010112002227.004.50
    Apr 27at LAAL 5-90.20000020000000.000.00
    Apr 29at OAKW 9-81.00000010100000.001.00
    Apr 30at OAKW 3-11.00000000100000.001.00
    May 4vs SDW 6-51.00000010000000.000.00
    May 5vs TORW 6-51.00000020000000.000.00
    May 7vs TORW 8-21.00000000000000.000.00
    May 8vs TORW 4-31.00000010000000.000.00
    May 9at CWSW 12-91.01001001100100.002.00
    May 14at MINW 3-21.00000010100100.001.00
    May 17vs CINL 4-51.00000020200119.002.00
    May 20vs DETW 6-11.00000020000000.000.00
    May 23at HOUW 6-11.00000000000000.000.00
    May 28at DETW 8-11.00000021200000.003.00
    May 30vs KCW 7-31.00000020100000.001.00
    Jun 1vs KCW 4-01.00000010000000.000.00
    Jun 3at BALW 6-31.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 5at BALW 3-21.00000010000000.000.00
    Jun 7vs TEXW 6-31.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 8vs TEXW 4-01.00000010100000.001.00
    Jun 12vs OAKW 6-31.00000020100000.001.00
    Jun 14at COLW 4-31.00000000000000.000.00
    Jun 15at COLW 7-51.00000000100000.001.00
    Jun 16at COLW 4-21.00000000200000.002.00
    Jun 19at LADW 5-31.00000010000000.000.00
    Jun 21at MINW 6-51.00000010000000.000.00
    Jun 22at MINW 11-101.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 28vs MINW 3-21.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 29vs MINW 7-61.00000000100000.001.00
    Jun 30vs MINW 5-31.01000010100000.001.00
    Jul 3vs NYYW 2-01.00000012000000.002.00
    Jul 6at DETL 2-81.00000020110119.001.00
    Jul 11vs CWSW 8-41.00000010000000.000.00
    Jul 13vs CWSL 1-21.00000010000000.000.00
    Jul 14vs DETW 4-01.00000000000000.000.00
    Jul 23at CWSW 7-41.00000000000000.000.00
    Jul 26at BOSW 8-31.00000010000000.000.00
    Jul 27at BOSW 7-61.00000010000000.000.00
    Jul 29at TBW 4-11.00000010100000.001.00
    Jul 31at TBW 5-31.00000010000000.000.00
    Aug 1vs ARIW 6-51.00000010000000.000.00
    Aug 6vs HOUW 4-11.00000000200119.002.00
    Aug 7vs HOUW 1-01.00000020000000.000.00
    Aug 9at DETW 5-20.10000000000000.000.00
    Aug 10at DETW 3-21.00000020100000.001.00
    Aug 14at TORW 7-21.00000010000000.000.00
    Aug 15vs DETW 4-11.00000000000000.000.00
    Aug 17vs DETW 8-41.00000020000000.000.00
    Aug 19vs CWSW 5-21.00000020100000.001.00
    Aug 23at SDW 3-11.00000020000000.000.00
    Aug 26at SEAL 2-30.0010000010010
    Aug 27at SEAW 4-31.00000000000000.000.00
    Aug 30vs BALW 5-11.00000000000000.000.00
    Sep 3vs SEAL 0-41.00000010000000.000.00
    Sep 4vs SEAL 3-61.00000011000000.001.00
    Sep 5at KCW 6-51.00000000200100.002.00
    Sep 7at KCL 1-20.201010031002227.006.00
    Sep 9at MINW 7-61.00000020000000.000.00
    Sep 10at MINW 6-40.10000000200000.006.00
    Sep 12vs LAAW 5-41.00000010000000.000.00
    Sep 13vs LAAW 3-11.00000020100000.001.00
    Sep 16vs MINW 4-31.00000000100000.001.00
    Sep 17vs MINW 5-11.00000010000000.000.00
    Sep 20at CWSW 10-71.01001010200219.002.00
    Sep 22at CWSW 4-21.00000010000000.000.00
    Sep 23at TEXW 6-31.00000010201000.002.00
    Sep 24at TEXW 4-21.000420000110119.001.00
    Sep 27vs TBL 5-61.00000010000000.000.00
    Sep 28vs TBW 2-11.00000020100000.001.00
    Sep 30vs KCW 6-31.00000020000000.000.00
    Oct 2vs KCW 7-51.00000020000000.000.00
    Oct 4vs KCW 5-31.00000020100100.001.00
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