Trent Grisham

CF,OF · San Diego Padres

Bats L Throws L
Height 6'0" Weight 205
DOB 1996-11-01 Age 26.3
2023 Fantasy Rankings

NFBC ADP (15-team): 22.04, 319th

Season Projections

THE BAT-1335264596610219316545513826.2163.222.312.381.693.159

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

Fantasy Baseball News Last 90 Days

  • Latest On Padres' Outfield Plans

    In comments to reporters (including Kevin Acee of the San Diego Post-Tribune), manager Bob Melvin confirmed his plans for the Padres’ outfield in 2023. After spending all of 2021 and 2022 in right field, superstar Juan Soto will be shifting back to left field, where he spent most of the 2018-20 seasons, for the upcoming…

    Feb 14 · MLB Trade Rumors Padres Jose Azocar Xander Bogaerts Matt Carpenter Brandon Dixon Trent Grisham Juan Soto Fernando Tatis Jr.
  • Trent Grisham Avoids Salary Arbitration

    The San Diego Padres and outfielder Trent Grisham avoided salary arbitration on Friday by agreeing to a one-year, $3.175 million deal. Grisham struggled to make contact regularly in his third year with the Friars in 2022, finishing with a .184/.284/.341 slash line, career-low .626 OPS, career-high 17 home runs, 53 RBI, 58 runs scored and seven stolen bases in 524 plate appearances over a career-high 152 games played. The 26-year-old was a liability at the plate, but he did show some signs of life in the postseason and also won his second Gold Glove award on defense. Needless to say, Grisham's fantasy value has dropped significantly heading into 2023, and there's a good chance he'll be benched this year if he doesn't improve.

    Jan 13 · Source via Padres Trent Grisham
    2023 ATC-1335274576410120317575713726.0113.221.314.389.703.168
    2023 Steamer-125506438609820217585513125.9114.224.316.395.711.171
    2023 THE BAT-1335264596610219316545513826.2163.222.312.381.693.159
    2023 Zeile-134514449629820317565613225.7123.218.311.390.701.172

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

    Fielding Stats

    Apr 7at ARIL 2-4440100000125.
    Apr 8at ARIW 3-0440100000250.
    Apr 9at ARIW 5-254000000100.
    Apr 10at ARIW 10-5550100000240.
    Apr 11at SFW 4-254110000100.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Apr 12at SFL 2-13440000000375.
    Apr 13at SFL 1-2440000000125.
    Apr 14vs ATLW 12-1650000001233.300.
    Apr 15vs ATLL 2-5330110000266.700.333.333.6671.000.334
    Apr 16vs ATLL 2-543110011100.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Apr 17vs ATLW 2-1410000003125.000.000.750.000.750.000
    Apr 19vs CINW 6-21100000001100.
    Apr 20vs CINW 6-0440110010125.
    Apr 22vs LADL 1-6330000000266.700.
    Apr 23vs LADW 3-2000000000000
    Apr 24vs LADL 2-1044000001000.
    Apr 26at CINW 9-6431100001125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Apr 27at CINW 8-5541101001120.000.250.400.7501.150.500
    Apr 28at CINW 7-5540000001360.
    Apr 29at PITW 7-353000000100.000.000.400.000.400.000
    Apr 30at PITL 6-755020001000.000.400.400.400.800.000
    May 1at PITW 5-2550300020240.000.600.600.6001.200.000
    May 4at CLEW 5-4540000001240.
    May 4at CLEL 5-6541000001120.
    May 5vs MIAW 2-1330000000133.300.
    May 6vs MIAW 3-242110100200.000.500.7501.5002.2501.000
    May 7vs MIAL 0-844000000000.
    May 8vs MIAW 3-2441000000125.
    May 9vs CHCL 0-6330000000266.700.
    May 11vs CHCL 5-7430000000125.
    May 13at ATLW 11-611011003000.0001.0001.0002.0003.0001.000
    May 14at ATLL 5-6441110010250.
    May 15at ATLW 7-3430000001125.
    May 17at PHIW 3-044011001000.
    May 18at PHIL 0-3330000000266.700.
    May 19at PHIW 2-0550100000120.
    May 20at SFW 8-7431000001125.
    May 21at SFW 2-1330000010133.300.
    May 23vs MILW 3-244021001000.000.500.500.7501.250.250
    May 24vs MILL 1-4440000000375.
    May 25vs MILL 1-222010000000.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    May 27vs PITW 4-3000000000000
    May 28vs PITL 2-443010001100.000.333.500.333.833.000
    May 29vs PITW 4-2431100121125.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    May 30at STLL 3-6440000000250.
    May 31at STLL 2-3431100121250.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Jun 1at STLL 2-5430000001125.
    Jun 2at MILL 4-531000000200.000.000.667.000.667.000
    Jun 3at MILW 7-0552220000120.010.400.400.8001.200.400
    Jun 4at MILW 4-033120000000.000.667.667.6671.334.000
    Jun 5at MILW 6-4431110001125.000.333.500.6671.167.334
    Jun 6vs NYML 5-113300000003100.
    Jun 7vs NYMW 7-0441100010125.
    Jun 8vs NYMW 13-254210000100.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Jun 10vs COLW 9-0542110011120.000.250.400.500.900.250
    Jun 11vs COLW 2-133110011000.000.333.3331.3331.6661.000
    Jun 11vs COLL 2-632000000100.000.000.333.000.333.000
    Jun 12vs COLL 2-4330000000133.300.
    Jun 13at CHCW 4-1440100000125.
    Jun 14at CHCW 12-5661200010350.000.333.333.333.666.000
    Jun 15at CHCW 19-5551200020120.000.400.333.400.733.000
    Jun 16at CHCW 6-443100000100.
    Jun 17at COLL 4-1044110011000.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Jun 18at COLL 4-5430000000125.
    Jun 19at COLL 3-8430100001250.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Jun 20vs ARIW 4-144110011000.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Jun 21vs ARIW 3-2550000000360.
    Jun 22vs ARIW 10-4542200011120.000.500.600.5001.100.000
    Jun 23vs PHIL 2-644110000000.
    Jun 28at ARIL 6-7540000011240.
    Jun 29at ARIW 4-0430000001125.
    Jun 30at LADL 1-3440100000125.
    Jul 1at LADL 1-533120011000.000.667.6671.6672.3341.000
    Jul 2at LADL 2-73300000103100.
    Jul 3at LADW 4-2440000000125.
    Jul 4vs SEAL 2-843110012100.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Jul 5vs SEAL 2-6430000001125.
    Jul 7vs SFW 2-144020000000.010.500.500.5001.000.000
    Jul 8vs SFW 6-343010000100.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Jul 9vs SFL 1-3330100000133.300.333.333.333.666.000
    Jul 10vs SFL 0-12440000000250.
    Jul 11at COLW 6-5421000002125.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Jul 12at COLL 3-521010000100.0001.0001.0001.0002.000.000
    Jul 13at COLL 6-10541000001120.
    Jul 14at COLL 5-8432100111125.010.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Jul 15vs ARIW 5-311000000000.
    Jul 16vs ARIW 4-3441100000125.
    Jul 17vs ARIL 1-3220000000150.
    Jul 22at NYMW 4-133110011000.000.333.3331.3331.6661.000
    Jul 23at NYMW 2-1330000000133.300.
    Jul 25at DETL 4-1244111001000.
    Jul 26at DETW 6-4540000001120.
    Jul 27at DETL 3-444010000000.
    Jul 29vs MINW 10-1440110000125.
    Jul 30vs MINL 4-744011000000.
    Jul 31vs MINW 3-233110000000.000.333.333.333.666.000
    Aug 1vs COLW 4-1331100110133.300.333.3331.3331.6661.000
    Aug 2vs COLW 13-554320013100.000.500.6001.2501.850.750
    Aug 2vs COLW 3-2431100111125.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Aug 3vs COLW 9-1440110010375.
    Aug 4vs COLL 3-7430000000375.
    Aug 5at LADL 1-8430000001125.
    Aug 6at LADL 3-811000000000.
    Aug 7at LADL 0-411000000000.
    Aug 8vs SFL 0-11100000001100.
    Aug 9vs SFW 7-4430000001250.
    Aug 10vs SFW 13-7441200010125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Aug 12at WASW 10-553110013200.000.333.6001.3331.9331.000
    Aug 13at WASL 3-4431200111125.010.667.7501.6672.4171.000
    Aug 14at WASW 6-0441110000125.
    Aug 15at MIAL 0-3320000001266.700.000.333.000.333.000
    Aug 16at MIAL 3-4440100000125.
    Aug 17at MIAW 10-353200000200.000.000.400.000.400.000
    Aug 18vs WASL 1-3440000000375.
    Aug 19vs WASL 3-642010001100.000.500.750.5001.250.000
    Aug 20vs WASW 2-1220000000150.
    Aug 21vs WASW 2-111000000000.
    Aug 23vs CLEL 1-34400000004100.
    Aug 24vs CLEL 0-7320000001133.300.000.333.000.333.000
    Aug 27at KCW 4-3220000000150.
    Aug 28at KCL 7-15211000000150.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Aug 30at SFW 4-3441200120125.000.500.5001.2501.750.750
    Aug 31at SFW 5-4210000001150.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Sep 2at LADW 7-1531000002240.000.000.400.000.400.000
    Sep 3at LADL 1-1211000000000.
    Sep 4at LADL 4-9430000001250.
    Sep 5vs ARIL 0-5330000000133.300.
    Sep 6vs ARIW 6-522000000000.
    Sep 7vs ARIW 6-3331100000133.310.333.333.333.666.000
    Sep 9vs LADW 5-4441100130125.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Sep 13at SEAW 2-0440100000125.
    Sep 14at SEAL 1-6430000000250.
    Sep 15at ARIL 0-4330000000266.700.
    Sep 22vs STLL 4-5440000000375.
    Sep 23at COLL 3-411000000000.
    Sep 24at COLW 9-3440000010375.
    Sep 25at COLW 13-6001000000000
    Sep 27vs LADW 4-31110000001100.
    Sep 28vs LADL 0-1220000000150.
    Sep 30vs CWSL 1-3330000000266.700.
    Oct 1vs CWSW 5-21100000001100.
    Oct 2vs CWSL 1-2000000000000
    Oct 3vs SFW 7-4441110000250.
    Oct 4vs SFW 6-2440100000375.
    Oct 5vs SFL 1-8330100000133.300.333.333.333.666.000
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