Taylor Rogers

RP · San Francisco Giants

Bats L Throws L
Height 6'3" Weight 170
DOB 1990-12-17 Age 32.9
Hometown Littleton, CO
2023 Fantasy Rankings

NFBC ADP (15-team): 23.07, 337th

Season Projections

THE BAT$26363.03220127314596326243.431.16

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

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  • Taylor Rogers Grabs One-Out Save Sunday

    Headshot for Taylor Rogers

    San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Taylor Rogers succeeded in getting the final out of a one-run game against the Colorado Rockies on Sunday. Rogers was tasked with getting the Giants out of a two-out, runner-on-first situation after Camilo Doval gave up four runs in a disastrous outing. Fortunately, Rogers was up to the task. He now has a 3.06 ERA and 1.16 WHIP, and could be the next man up for saves given Doval's recent struggles. The Giants bullpen has a lot of good options, though, so it wouldn't be a given that Rogers would assume the closer role. It is a situation to keep an eye on for fantasy managers looking to shore up their bullpens.

    Sep 18 · Source via Closers San Francisco Giants Taylor Rogers
    2023 ATC$36363.04480157517575427253.571.17
    2023 Steamer$36666.04320127520586426243.271.18
    2023 THE BAT$26363.03220127314596326243.431.16
    2023 Zeile$36461.7447214771756000253.551.15

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

    Oct 1vs LADL 2-50.100000104103381.0012.00
    Sep 23at LADL 0-71.100000311002213.501.50
    Sep 17at COLW 11-100.10010000000000.000.00
    Sep 16at COLL 2-50.10000011000000.003.00
    Sep 11vs CLEW 5-41.10000120100116.750.75
    Sep 8vs COLW 9-80.200000112102227.004.50
    Sep 5at CHCL 8-111.00000010200100.002.00
    Sep 2at SDL 1-61.00000000000000.000.00
    Aug 30vs CINL 1-40.10000000000000.000.00
    Aug 27vs ATLW 8-51.00000110000000.000.00
    Aug 26vs ATLL 3-70.200000102001113.503.00
    Aug 23at PHIW 8-60.20000120100100.001.50
    Aug 22at PHIL 3-41.00000101000000.001.00
    Aug 20at ATLW 4-30.10000112000100.006.00
    Aug 14vs TBL 2-101.000000102002218.002.00
    Aug 11vs TEXL 1-21.00000030000000.000.00
    Aug 7at LAAW 8-31.01000020000000.000.00
    Aug 3vs ARIW 1-01.00000101100000.002.00
    Jul 31vs ARIL 3-41.00100001100100.002.00
    Jul 30vs BOSW 4-31.00000101100000.002.00
    Jul 28vs BOSL 2-31.20000010200000.001.20
    Jul 23at WASL 1-61.00000010000000.000.00
    Jul 18at CINW 11-101.00000110100000.001.00
    Jul 16at PITW 8-40.20000020002000.000.00
    Jul 15at PITW 3-11.01000011100000.002.00
    Jul 7vs COLL 2-50.201000120002227.003.00
    Jul 5vs SEAW 2-01.00000110000000.000.00
    Jul 3vs SEAL 5-60.10000000000000.000.00
    Jun 30at NYMW 5-41.00000020110119.001.00
    Jun 24vs ARIW 7-61.01000010100000.001.00
    Jun 21vs SDW 4-21.00000001100000.002.00
    Jun 19vs SDW 7-40.20000010000000.000.00
    Jun 16at LADW 7-51.01000011000000.001.00
    Jun 14at STLW 8-51.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 11vs CHCW 13-31.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 8at COLW 6-41.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 7at COLW 5-41.01000031100000.002.00
    Jun 4vs BALL 3-81.00000020100000.001.00
    May 30vs PITL 1-21.00000030000000.000.00
    May 29vs PITW 14-41.00000010000000.000.00
    May 25at MILW 5-01.10000030000000.000.00
    May 24at MINL 1-71.00000011100000.002.00
    May 19vs MIAW 4-30.200001101101113.501.50
    May 16vs PHIW 4-31.01000020000000.000.00
    May 15vs PHIW 6-30.20000111100000.003.00
    May 13at ARIL 2-71.00000000000000.000.00
    May 6vs MILW 4-11.00000011000000.001.00
    May 1at HOUL 3-70.20000000101000.001.50
    Apr 29at SDL 11-161.10000021200000.002.25
    Apr 25vs STLW 5-41.10000010100000.000.75
    Apr 23vs NYMW 5-40.20000010000000.000.00
    Apr 21vs NYML 0-71.00000000000000.000.00
    Apr 19at MIAW 5-20.20010010001000.000.00
    Apr 18at MIAL 2-40.20000010000000.000.00
    Apr 15at DETL 6-70.0010000010010
    Apr 12vs LADL 5-100.0010000400044
    Apr 10vs LADL 1-90.200000010001113.501.50
    Apr 9vs KCW 3-10.20000010100000.001.50
    Apr 7vs KCL 1-31.00000001210119.003.00
    Apr 1at NYYW 7-51.00000100110119.001.00


    Oct 3vs ARIW 6-51.00000030100000.001.00
    Oct 2vs MIAL 3-40.20000001200000.004.50
    Sep 27vs STLL 2-61.10000020100000.000.75
    Sep 24at CINW 10-21.00000001001000.001.00
    Sep 20vs NYML 5-70.201010231104454.006.00
    Sep 16vs NYYW 7-61.01001010210119.002.00
    Sep 13at STLW 8-41.00000010000000.000.00
    Sep 11vs CINW 7-61.00000120001000.000.00
    Sep 10vs CINW 5-11.00000120000000.000.00
    Sep 8vs SFW 4-21.00000030000000.000.00
    Sep 6at COLL 7-100.101010012104381.009.00
    Sep 5at COLW 6-40.200001112111113.504.50
    Sep 3at ARIW 8-61.00000020000000.000.00
    Aug 31vs PITW 6-11.11000020200000.001.50
    Aug 27vs CHCW 7-01.01000031000000.001.00
    Aug 26vs CHCL 3-41.00000010000000.000.00
    Aug 21at CHCW 5-21.00000010100000.001.00
    Aug 20at CHCL 5-61.10000010000100.000.00
    Aug 18vs LADW 5-31.00000110000000.000.00
    Aug 16vs LADW 5-41.00000010000000.000.00
    Aug 14at STLL 3-60.201000213204454.006.00
    Aug 13at STLW 3-21.00000020100000.001.00
    Aug 7vs CINL 2-41.00000020200119.002.00
    Aug 3at PITL 7-81.00000011000000.001.00
    Jul 27at DETL 3-40.201010103002227.004.50
    Jul 26at DETW 6-41.01001021200119.003.00
    Jul 23at NYMW 2-11.00000011200119.003.00
    Jul 22at NYMW 4-11.00000000001000.000.00
    Jul 16vs ARIW 4-31.00000020000000.000.00
    Jul 15vs ARIW 5-31.00000010000000.000.00
    Jul 11at COLW 6-51.000000103002218.003.00
    Jul 7vs SFW 2-11.00001010101119.001.00
    Jul 5vs SEAL 2-61.000000104002218.004.00
    Jul 3at LADW 4-21.00000010200119.002.00
    Jun 28at ARIL 6-71.20101030301115.401.80
    Jun 24vs PHIW 1-01.00000011200000.003.00
    Jun 21vs ARIW 3-21.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 20vs ARIW 4-11.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 16at CHCW 6-41.00000000100119.001.00
    Jun 13at CHCW 4-11.00000020000000.000.00
    Jun 11vs COLW 2-11.00000010000000.000.00
    Jun 5at MILW 6-41.00000000100100.001.00
    Jun 4at MILW 4-01.00000000000000.000.00
    Jun 2at MILL 4-50.0010100020244
    May 31at STLL 2-30.20100001000100.001.50
    May 28vs PITL 2-41.001010312103327.003.00
    May 27vs PITW 4-31.00000000000000.000.00
    May 23vs MILW 3-21.00000021000000.001.00
    May 21at SFW 2-11.000310010100000.001.00
    May 19at PHIW 2-01.10000021100000.001.50
    May 17at PHIW 3-01.00000010100000.001.00
    May 15at ATLW 7-31.00000020000000.000.00
    May 13at ATLW 11-61.10000021000000.000.75
    May 10vs CHCW 5-41.00000010202119.002.00
    May 5vs MIAW 2-11.00000020000000.000.00
    May 4at CLEW 5-41.00000000000000.000.00
    May 1at PITW 5-21.00000020000000.000.00
    Apr 29at PITW 7-30.20000000000000.000.00
    Apr 28at CINW 7-51.00000010100000.001.00
    Apr 27at CINW 8-50.10000000000000.000.00
    Apr 23vs LADW 3-21.20001020201000.001.20
    Apr 18vs CINW 4-11.00000001000000.001.00
    Apr 17vs ATLW 2-11.00000020000000.000.00
    Apr 11at SFW 4-21.00000020100000.001.00
    Apr 9at ARIW 5-21.00000000000000.000.00
    Apr 8at ARIW 3-01.00000010000000.000.00
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