2019 Fantasy Rankings
5X5 -$3 · RP # 188 (Tier 6)
NFBC ADP (15-team): 24.11, 356th

Wily Peralta

RP, Free Agent

Bats R Throws R
Height 6'1" Weight 255 DOB 1989-05-08 Age 30
Hometown Samana, DOM

Season Projections
2019 Season, Updated Mar 28
THE BAT-$755055.023000000512554600264.251.44
Draft Buddy-$358058.023000900532458700274.191.41

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros. ZiPS projections by Dan Szymborski. Draft Buddy projections are based on Steamer projections and include our own playing time adjustments.

Position Rankings
Tier 6
186Yimi Garcia, LAD-$3
187Tim Peterson, NYM-$3
188Wily Peralta, KC-$324.11
189Gabriel Moya, MIN-$3
190Justin Anderson, LAA-$3
Fantasy News from the Past 120 Days
  • Royals cut loose former closer Wily Peralta - Wily Peralta | KC
    Jul 22 · RotoWorld (Fantasy)
    Royals Wily Peralta
    2019 ATC-$758061.023000900563160700304.431.49
    2019 Steamer-$355055.023000900502355700264.251.42
    2019 THE BAT-$755055.023000000512554600264.251.44
    2019 Zeile-$752061.0230009114563062000314.571.51
    2019 ZiPS-$19401189.7459000007544961100484.731.53
    2019 Draft Buddy-$358058.023000900532458700274.191.41

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros. ZiPS projections by Dan Szymborski. Draft Buddy projections are based on Steamer projections and include our own playing time adjustments.

    NFBC 15-Team 5X5 Scoring Review · Switch
    Mar 28vs CWSW 5-300.10000000011002254.006.00
    Apr 2vs MINL 4-501.0000000021000000.001.00
    Apr 3vs MINL 6-701.0010000001100119.002.00
    Apr 6at DETL 4-700.20000010011102227.003.00
    Apr 9vs SEAL 3-601.0000000010100000.001.00
    Apr 11vs SEAL 6-701.0000000100300119.003.00
    Apr 13vs CLEW 3-001.0000010000000000.000.00
    Apr 14vs CLEW 9-801.0100000000000000.000.00
    Apr 17at CWSW 4-302.0100001011200000.001.50
    Apr 21at NYYL 6-701.0000001010200119.002.00
    Apr 24at TBW 10-201.0000000011000000.001.00
    Apr 27vs LAAW 9-401.0000000010000000.000.00
    Apr 29vs TBL 5-801.00000000023002218.005.00
    May 2vs TBL 1-301.00100000011102218.002.00
    May 3at DETL 3-401.0000000010300000.003.00
    May 6at HOUL 4-601.0000000001100119.002.00
    May 8at HOUL 0-901.0000000000000000.000.00
    May 11vs PHIL 0-701.0000000011300119.004.00
    May 16vs TEXL 1-1601.1000000011110116.751.50
    May 17at LAAL 2-501.0000000010100000.001.00
    May 21at STLL 3-1001.0000000011000000.001.00
    May 25vs NYYL 3-701.2000000020000000.000.00
    May 26vs NYYW 8-701.0000000100200000.002.00
    May 28at CWSL 3-401.0000000000200000.002.00
    May 30at TEXW 4-201.0000000021000000.001.00
    Jun 1at TEXL 2-600.1000000000000000.000.00
    Jun 5vs BOSL 0-801.0000000001000000.001.00
    Jun 8vs CWSL 0-201.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jun 13vs DETW 7-300.20000000112001113.504.50
    Jun 15at MINL 4-501.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jun 16at MINW 8-601.0000000110000000.000.00
    Jun 21vs MINL 7-801.0000000110000000.000.00
    Jun 22vs MINL 3-501.00100000103012218.003.00
    Jun 24at CLEL 2-300.001000000011011
    Jun 28at TORL 2-600.20000000011102227.003.00
    Jul 1at TORL 4-1101.0000000000200000.002.00
    Jul 3vs CLEL 0-401.0000000000100000.001.00
    Jul 4vs CLEL 4-801.0000000000110200.001.00
    Jul 5at WASW 7-401.0000010000100000.001.00
    Jul 14vs DETL 8-1201.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jul 17vs CWSW 7-500.20000000112103340.504.50
    Jul 19at CLEL 5-1001.00000000013013327.004.00
    Jun 18vs TEXL 3-601.1000000023100116.753.00
    Jun 20vs TEXL 2-300.1000000010000000.000.00
    Jun 23at HOUL 3-401.0000000101000000.001.00
    Jun 25vs LAAW 2-001.0000000020100000.001.00
    Jun 27at MILW 5-401.0000000010100000.001.00
    Jul 3vs CLEL 4-601.0000000010100000.001.00
    Jul 4vs CLEL 2-301.0000000000200000.002.00
    Jul 8vs BOSL 4-701.0000000012000000.002.00
    Jul 14at CWSW 5-001.0000000020000000.000.00
    Jul 20vs MINW 6-500.20000000022003340.506.00
    Jul 21vs MINW 4-201.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jul 22vs MINW 5-301.0000000011000000.001.00
    Jul 24vs DETW 5-401.0000000010100119.001.00
    Jul 29at NYYL 3-601.0000000000100000.001.00
    Jul 31at CWSW 4-201.00000140012000000.002.00
    Aug 5at MINL 5-600.1000000000000000.000.00
    Aug 7vs CHCL 0-501.0000000010000000.000.00
    Aug 8vs CHCW 9-001.0000000000000000.000.00
    Aug 12vs STLL 2-801.00000000203113327.003.00
    Aug 13vs TORW 3-101.0000000011000000.001.00
    Aug 16vs TORW 6-201.0000000020000000.000.00
    Aug 18at CWSW 3-101.0000000010000000.000.00
    Aug 24vs CLEW 5-401.0100000001100000.002.00
    Aug 29vs DETW 9-201.0000000031110119.002.00
    Sep 3at CLEW 5-100.10000000022101127.0012.00
    Sep 7at MINL 6-1001.0000000011110119.002.00
    Sep 8at MINW 4-101.0000000000000000.000.00
    Sep 10vs CWSW 4-301.0000000020100000.001.00
    Sep 11vs CWSW 6-300.1000000002000000.006.00
    Sep 13vs MINW 6-401.0000000010000000.000.00
    Sep 16vs MINL 6-901.00000000112002218.003.00
    Sep 20at DETL 8-1101.0000000010100000.001.00
    Sep 21at DETW 4-301.0000000021100000.002.00
    Sep 23at DETW 3-201.0000000011200119.003.00
    Sep 25at CINW 4-301.0000000001200000.003.00
    Sep 27vs CLEW 2-101.0000000010000000.000.00
    Sep 29vs CLEW 9-401.0000000010100000.001.00