Robbie Grossman

DH,LF,RF,OF · Texas Rangers

Bats S Throws L
Height 6'0" Weight 215
DOB 1989-09-16 Age 33.7
Hometown San Diego, CA
2023 Fantasy Rankings

NFBC ADP (15-team): 29.03, 423rd

Season Projections

THE BAT-$410542136548821829384810424.7103.225.321.359.680.134

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

Fantasy Baseball News Last 90 Days

  • Robbie Grossman Out Of Tuesday's Lineup

    Headshot for Robbie Grossman

    Texas Rangers outfielder Robbie Grossman is missing from the lineup for Tuesday's game with George Kirby and the Seattle Mariners. The 33-year-old veteran is batting .235 with three home runs, 17 runs, and 16 RBI through 28 games. In his place is Josh H. Smith, who will play left and bat ninth. The left-handed hitter is having a poor start to the season, slashing .154/.353/.269 with a pair of homers, 11 runs, three RBI, and one stolen base over 23 contests. Fantasy managers targeting an outfielder should pass on Smith for a more potent bat.

    May 9 · Source via Rangers Robbie Grossman
  • Robbie Grossman Picks Up Three Hits In Win

    Headshot for Robbie Grossman

    Texas Rangers outfielder Robbie Grossman went 3-for-4 Friday, defeating the Yankees 5-2. In the second inning, Grossman smashed a double and quickly hustled around the bases to score on a double hit by Marcus Semien. Grossman continued his impressive performance by slamming a two-run home run off Clarke Schmidt in the third inning, further widening the Rangers' lead to 5-0. Grossman's season batting stats now stand at .246/.316/.420, with three home runs and 13 RBI.

    Apr 29 · Source via Rangers Robbie Grossman
  • Robbie Grossman Picks Up Two Hits In Loss

    Headshot for Robbie Grossman

    Texas Rangers outfielder Robbie Grossman went 2-for-4 with a run scored and two strikeouts while hitting second and serving as the designated hitter in the team's 5-4 loss to the Oakland Athletics on Friday night. Grossman has been moved up in the Rangers' batting order and now has a modest four-game hitting streak to his name. It's been nice to see for the 33-year-old veteran outfielder, who is still hitting only .196 (10-for-51) with a double, one home run, six RBI and eight runs scored in his first 16 games in Texas. Playing time will probably remain inconsistent for Grossman as he battles for playing time in the outfield with Brad Miller, Travis Jankowski and Bubba Thompson.

    Apr 22 · Source via Rangers Robbie Grossman
  • Rangers Notes: Dunning, Ragans, Smith, Foscue

    Headshot for Jacob deGrom

    The Rangers could carry righty Dane Dunning and left-hander Cole Ragans in the big league bullpen to open the season, writes Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News. Both pitchers were squeezed out of the initial rotation mix by Texas’ busy offseason. Jacob deGromAndrew Heaney and Nathan Eovaldi were all brought in to join Martín Pérez and Jon Gray in the…

    Mar 24 · MLB Trade Rumors Closers Rangers Jacob deGrom Dane Dunning Nathan Eovaldi Justin Foscue Jon Gray Robbie Grossman Andrew Heaney Travis Jankowski Jake Odorizzi Cole Ragans Marcus Semien Josh H. Smith Leody Taveras Bubba Thompson
  • Rangers Plan To Use Robbie Grossman As Primary Left Fielder

    Headshot for Robbie Grossman

    When the Rangers signed veteran switch-hitter Robbie Grossman early in spring training, it looked like a sensible enough fit. Grossman has a lengthy track record of hitting left-handed pitching well, and the Rangers had multiple lefty-swinging options who could form a platoon with Grossman (e.g. Josh Smith, Brad Miller). However, manager Bruce Bochy said yesterday…

    Mar 20 · MLB Trade Rumors Rangers Robbie Grossman
    2023 ATC-$4105421361468117110415110224.293.224.326.360.686.136
    2023 Steamer-$7943903334274151936479925.483.222.325.354.679.132
    2023 THE BAT-$410542136548821829384810424.7103.225.321.359.680.134
    2023 Zeile-$59738633142741511038479725.192.224.326.366.692.142

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

    Fielding Stats

    Mar 30vs PHIW 11-7431100131125.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Apr 1vs PHIW 16-3331200020133.300.667.667.6671.334.000
    Apr 2vs PHIW 2-133011000000.000.333.333.6671.000.334
    Apr 3vs BALL 0-232000000100.000.000.333.000.333.000
    Apr 4vs BALL 2-7440000000250.
    Apr 5vs BALW 5-2440100000125.
    Apr 7at CHCL 0-2440000000250.
    Apr 8at CHCL 3-10440000000125.
    Apr 10vs KCW 11-2431000001250.
    Apr 11vs KCW 8-511000000000.
    Apr 12vs KCL 1-10440000000125.
    Apr 15at HOUL 2-8320000001133.300.000.333.000.333.000
    Apr 16at HOUW 9-1432100010125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Apr 17at KCW 4-044010000000.
    Apr 18at KCW 12-243210000100.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Apr 21vs OAKL 4-5441200000250.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Apr 23vs OAKW 5-242110014200.000.500.7502.0002.7501.500
    Apr 24at CINL 6-7440100010125.
    Apr 26at CINL 3-544010000000.
    Apr 27vs NYYL 2-4441100000125.
    Apr 28vs NYYW 5-244232012000.000.750.7502.0002.7501.250
    Apr 29vs NYYW 2-0331100000133.300.333.333.333.666.000
    Apr 30vs NYYW 15-2533100012240.000.333.600.333.933.000
    May 2vs ARIW 6-4441100000125.
    May 5at LAAL 4-5650100001233.300.200.333.200.533.000
    May 6at LAAW 10-1550200010360.000.400.400.400.800.000
    May 7at LAAW 16-8550000010240.
    May 8at SEAW 2-1440000000250.
    May 10at SEAW 4-3551100000120.
    May 11at OAKW 4-0441110000125.
    May 12at OAKL 7-9661210120466.700.333.3331.0001.333.667
    May 13at OAKW 5-0440000000250.
    May 14at OAKW 11-3552310130120.000.600.6001.4002.000.800
    May 15vs ATLL 0-1255010000000.
    May 16vs ATLW 7-4441200010125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    May 17vs ATLL 5-6431100001125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    May 19vs COLW 7-244010001000.
    May 20vs COLW 11-544010003000.
    May 21vs COLW 13-3440000000250.
    May 22at PITL 4-6431000001125.
    May 23at PITW 6-1440100000375.
    May 24at PITW 3-2440000000250.
    May 26at BALW 12-252210012100.000.500.8002.0002.8001.500
    May 27at BALW 5-343110001100.000.333.500.333.833.000
    May 28at BALL 2-333120000000.000.667.667.6671.334.000


    Apr 8vs CWSW 5-4532100001240.000.333.600.333.933.000
    Apr 9vs CWSL 2-544000000000.
    Apr 10vs CWSL 1-10440000000375.
    Apr 11vs BOSW 3-1440000000125.
    Apr 12vs BOSL 3-5320000011133.300.000.333.000.333.000
    Apr 16at KCL 1-342010000200.000.500.750.5001.250.000
    Apr 19vs NYYL 2-4440100010250.
    Apr 20vs NYYL 3-5550100000240.
    Apr 21vs NYYW 3-043131001100.0001.0001.0001.3332.333.333
    Apr 23vs COLW 13-0542300011120.000.750.800.7501.550.000
    Apr 23vs COLL 2-310100000100.0001.0001.000
    Apr 24vs COLL 2-6440200010125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Apr 26at MINL 4-5541100001240.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Apr 27at MINL 0-5440110000125.
    Apr 28at MINL 1-755030000000.000.600.600.6001.200.000
    Apr 29at LADL 1-5430000001250.
    Apr 30at LADW 5-1540000001480.
    May 1at LADL 3-620000000100.0101.0001.000
    May 4vs PITW 3-23300000103100.
    May 4vs PITL 2-7550210010120.000.400.400.6001.000.200
    May 5at HOUL 2-344011000000.
    May 6at HOUL 2-3431000001250.
    May 7at HOUL 2-343110000100.000.333.500.333.833.000
    May 8at HOUL 0-5430000001125.
    May 9vs OAKL 0-2430000001125.
    May 10vs OAKW 6-0541000011360.
    May 10vs OAKL 1-454000001100.
    May 12vs OAKL 3-5440000010125.
    May 13vs BALW 4-2420000002250.000.000.500.000.500.000
    May 14vs BALW 3-0440000000250.
    May 15vs BALW 5-1440100000250.
    May 16at TBW 3-2430000000250.
    May 17at TBL 1-844020000000.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    May 18at TBL 1-644000000000.
    May 20at CLEL 1-6440000000125.
    May 22at CLEW 4-2431110001125.010.333.500.6671.167.334
    May 23at MINL 4-5550000000120.
    May 24at MINL 0-2440000000375.
    May 26vs CLEW 4-3542210001120.000.500.600.7501.350.250
    May 28vs CLEL 1-8440100000250.
    May 29vs CLEW 2-111000000000.
    Jun 10vs TORL 1-1033010000000.000.333.333.333.666.000
    Jun 12vs TORL 0-6330100000266.700.333.333.333.666.000
    Jun 13vs CWSL 5-944010000000.
    Jun 14vs CWSL 1-5440000000250.
    Jun 15vs CWSL 0-1311000000000.
    Jun 16vs TEXL 1-3330000010266.700.
    Jun 17vs TEXL 0-7330000000133.300.
    Jun 18vs TEXW 14-7542300110120.000.750.8001.5002.300.750
    Jun 19vs TEXW 7-3531200142120.001.667.8001.6672.4671.000
    Jun 20at BOSL 2-5440100000125.
    Jun 21at BOSL 4-5541000001240.
    Jun 22at BOSL 2-6430000001250.
    Jun 24at ARIW 5-143011001100.000.333.500.6671.167.334
    Jun 25at ARIW 6-3441100000250.
    Jun 26at ARIL 7-1155020001000.000.400.400.400.800.000
    Jun 28at SFL 3-4541110001240.000.250.400.500.900.250
    Jun 29at SFW 3-2440110000125.
    Jul 1vs KCL 1-3430000001250.
    Jul 3vs KCL 4-711000000000.
    Jul 4vs CLEW 4-1430000001250.
    Jul 4vs CLEW 5-3430100001125.010.333.500.333.833.000
    Jul 5vs CLEW 11-4430000001125.
    Jul 6vs CLEW 8-2441101010125.
    Jul 7at CWSW 2-1440100000125.
    Jul 8at CWSW 7-5440000000125.
    Jul 10at CWSL 2-4430000000125.
    Jul 11at KCL 3-7551300000120.000.600.600.6001.200.000
    Jul 12at KCW 7-5550000000120.
    Jul 13at KCL 2-521100000100.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Jul 15at CLEL 5-6430100000125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Jul 16at CLEL 0-1032000000100.000.000.333.000.333.000
    Jul 21at OAKW 7-2540220031120.000.500.6001.0001.600.500
    Jul 23vs MINL 4-843100000100.
    Jul 24vs MINL 1-9330000000133.300.
    Jul 25vs SDW 12-455010001000.
    Jul 26vs SDL 4-610000000100.0001.0001.000
    Jul 27vs SDW 4-3440000000375.
    Jul 28at TORL 3-543011000100.000.333.500.6671.167.334
    Jul 29at TORW 4-211000000000.
    Jul 30at TORL 3-5431100001125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Jul 31at TORL 1-4330110000133.300.333.333.6671.000.334
    Aug 3vs PHIL 1-311011000000.0001.0001.0002.0003.0001.000
    Aug 6at NYML 5-8540110011240.000.250.400.500.900.250
    Aug 7at NYML 2-5330000000266.700.
    Aug 9at BOSW 9-732000000100.000.000.333.000.333.000
    Aug 12at MIAW 4-31100000001100.
    Aug 13at MIAW 5-2441200000125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Aug 14at MIAW 3-142000000200.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Aug 15vs NYMW 13-1220100000150.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Aug 16vs NYMW 5-033110011000.000.333.3331.3331.6661.000
    Aug 17vs NYML 7-9431100131125.000.333.5001.3331.8331.000
    Aug 18vs NYMW 3-2331100000133.300.333.333.333.666.000
    Aug 19vs HOUW 6-2440000000250.
    Aug 20vs HOUW 5-4430100011250.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Aug 21vs HOUL 4-5330000000133.300.
    Aug 22at PITW 2-133000000000.
    Aug 23at PITW 6-1441100010250.
    Aug 24at PITW 14-255230001000.010.600.600.6001.200.000
    Aug 26at STLW 11-454110002100.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Aug 27at STLL 5-6440000000125.
    Aug 28at STLL 3-644100000000.
    Aug 30vs COLL 2-3440100000375.
    Aug 31vs COLW 3-2320000001133.300.000.333.000.333.000
    Sep 1vs COLW 3-0330000000133.300.
    Sep 2vs MIAW 8-1430000001125.
    Sep 3vs MIAW 2-121000001100.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Sep 4vs MIAW 7-110000000100.0001.0001.000
    Sep 6at OAKW 10-9430000001125.
    Sep 7at OAKW 7-343111002100.000.333.500.6671.167.334
    Sep 9at SEAW 6-4441300120125.010.750.7501.5002.250.750
    Sep 10at SEAL 1-3330000000133.300.
    Sep 11at SEAL 7-8441100120125.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Sep 12at SFL 2-3321000001133.300.000.333.000.333.000
    Sep 13at SFW 5-144000001000.
    Sep 14at SFL 1-433030001000.0011.0001.0001.0002.000.000
    Sep 16vs PHIW 7-221000000100.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Sep 18vs PHIW 5-244121012000.000.500.5001.5002.0001.000
    Sep 20vs WASW 3-233000000000.
    Sep 21vs WASL 2-3441100000125.
    Sep 22at PHIL 0-1440000000125.
    Sep 23at PHIL 1-921010001100.0001.000.6671.0001.667.000
    Sep 24at PHIW 6-3440000000375.
    Sep 25at PHIW 8-7440000000250.
    Sep 28at WASL 2-3220000000150.
    Oct 3at MIAL 0-433010000000.000.333.333.333.666.000
    Oct 4at MIAW 2-1430000001250.
    Oct 5at MIAL 9-12541220001120.000.500.6001.0001.600.500
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