2019 Fantasy Rankings
5X5 $19 · Overall # 63 · RP # 2 (Tier 1)
NFBC ADP (15-team): 5.11, 71st

Kenley Jansen

RP, Los Angeles Dodgers

Bats S Throws R
Height 6'5" Weight 275 DOB 1987-09-30 Age 31
Hometown Willemstad, ANT

Season Projections
2019 Season, Updated Mar 28
THE BAT$565065.032000000761450800223.050.98
Draft Buddy$1969069.0430004000821757800253.261.07

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros. ZiPS projections by Dan Szymborski. Draft Buddy projections are based on Steamer projections and include our own playing time adjustments.

Position Rankings
Tier 1
1Edwin Diaz, NYM$234.06
2Kenley Jansen, LAD$195.11
3Chris Flexen, NYM-$6
Tier 2
4Felipe Vazquez, PIT$176.10
Fantasy News from the Past 120 Days
  • Kenley Jansen: Resting Monday
    Jun 17 · RotoWire (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Giants Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen coughs up the lead on Saturday night
    Jun 16 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Cubs Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen records 19th save
    Jun 9 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen nails down 18th save on Monday
    Jun 4 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen registers 13th save Tuesday night
    May 15 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Padres Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen throws a scoreless inning Sunday
    May 12 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Reds Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen serves up walk-off grand slam as Dodgers fall
    May 6 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
  • Kenley Jansen strikes out two to earn 10th save
    Apr 28 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Pirates Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen allows a homer but earns the save
    Apr 25 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Cubs Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen blows save chance but earns the win on Sunday
    Apr 21 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen earns seventh save on Friday
    Apr 20 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Brewers Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen allows a homer but still earns save
    Apr 18 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
  • Kenley Jansen earns fifth save of the year on Wednesday
    Apr 17 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Reds Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen earns the win despite giving up the lead
    Apr 16 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Reds Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen allows first run of the season in non-save situation
    Apr 13 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Brewers Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen records four-out save
    Apr 7 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Rockies Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen earns third save of the year
    Apr 4 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen notches second save
    Apr 3 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Giants Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen earns first save of 2019
    Mar 31 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Diamondbacks Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen works a scoreless inning on Wednesday
    Mar 14 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers White Sox Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen shows meager velocity in spring outing
    Mar 6 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Indians Kenley Jansen
  • Kenley Jansen to make spring debut next week
    Feb 27 · FantasyPros (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Kenley Jansen
  • Jansen (heart) nearing Cactus League debut - Kenley Jansen | LA
    Feb 27 · RotoWorld (Fantasy)
    Dodgers Kenley Jansen
    2019 ATC$2067066.0320003800851451900223.000.98
    2019 Steamer$1765065.0430003800771654800243.321.08
    2019 THE BAT$565065.032000000761450800223.050.98
    2019 Zeile$2067066.0330003852821552000212.861.02
    2019 ZiPS$1164064.032000000811550900212.951.02
    2019 Draft Buddy$1969069.0430004000821757800253.261.07

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros. ZiPS projections by Dan Szymborski. Draft Buddy projections are based on Steamer projections and include our own playing time adjustments.

    NFBC 15-Team 5X5 Scoring Review · Switch
    Mar 29vs ARIL 4-501.0000000010000000.000.00
    Mar 31vs ARIW 8-701.0000010010000000.000.00
    Apr 2vs SFW 6-501.0000010011100100.002.00
    Apr 3vs SFW 5-301.0000010010000000.000.00
    Apr 6at COLW 7-201.1000010020100000.000.75
    Apr 12vs MILL 5-801.0000000021100119.002.00
    Apr 15vs CINW 4-301.0100000020200119.002.00
    Apr 17vs CINW 3-201.0000010010000100.000.00
    Apr 18at MILW 3-101.0000010010210119.002.00
    Apr 19at MILW 5-301.0000010010000000.000.00
    Apr 21at MILW 6-501.1100001030110116.750.75
    Apr 25at CHCW 2-101.0000010010110119.001.00
    Apr 27vs PITW 3-101.0000010000000000.000.00
    Apr 28vs PITW 7-601.0000010021100000.002.00
    May 3at SDW 4-301.0000010030000000.000.00
    May 4at SDW 7-601.0000010011000000.001.00
    May 5at SDL 5-800.20100010104104454.006.00
    May 12vs WASW 6-001.0000000010000000.000.00
    May 14vs SDW 6-301.0000010010100000.001.00
    May 15vs SDW 2-001.0000010021100000.002.00
    May 21at TBW 7-301.0000000010000000.000.00
    May 27vs NYMW 9-501.2000010030100000.000.60
    May 30vs NYMW 2-001.1000010020001000.000.00
    May 31vs PHIW 6-300.1000010010000000.000.00
    Jun 3at ARIW 3-101.0000010000100000.001.00
    Jun 9at SFW 1-001.0000010020000000.000.00
    Jun 14vs CHCW 5-301.0000010030000000.000.00
    Jun 15vs CHCL 1-201.00100010201112218.001.00
    Jun 16vs CHCW 3-201.0000010001100000.002.00
    Mar 30vs SFL 0-101.0010000000110119.001.00
    Apr 2at ARIL 7-801.00000010021103327.003.00
    Apr 7at SFL 5-701.0000000010200000.002.00
    Apr 8at SFW 2-101.0000000030100000.001.00
    Apr 10vs OAKW 4-000.2000000010000000.000.00
    Apr 13vs ARIL 7-801.0000000000100000.001.00
    Apr 17at SDW 7-301.00000010212102218.003.00
    Apr 21vs WASW 4-001.0000000011000000.001.00
    Apr 22vs WASW 4-301.0000000020200000.002.00
    Apr 25vs MIAL 6-801.0000000020100200.001.00
    May 1at ARIL 3-401.0000000011100000.002.00
    May 2at ARIW 2-101.0000000001100119.002.00
    May 3at ARIW 5-201.0000000000000000.000.00
    May 8vs ARIL 5-802.0000000010100000.000.50
    May 9vs ARIW 6-301.0000000000000000.000.00
    May 13vs CINL 3-501.0000000010000000.000.00
    May 17at MIAW 7-001.0000000030200000.002.00
    May 19at WASW 4-101.0000000000000000.000.00
    May 19at WASW 5-401.0000000010000000.000.00
    May 22vs COLW 5-301.0000000010100000.001.00
    May 23vs COLW 3-001.0000000030100000.001.00
    May 25vs SDW 4-101.0000000020000000.000.00
    May 28vs PHIW 5-401.0000000020000000.000.00
    May 31vs PHIL 1-201.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jun 1at COLW 11-801.1000000001300116.753.00
    Jun 3at COLW 10-701.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jun 7at PITW 8-701.2000000020110115.400.60
    Jun 8vs ATLW 7-301.0000000000000000.000.00
    Jun 13vs TEXW 3-201.0000000001000000.001.00
    Jun 15vs SFW 3-201.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jun 16vs SFW 3-101.0000000011000000.001.00
    Jun 19at CHCW 4-301.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jun 22at NYMW 5-201.0000000020000000.000.00
    Jun 24at NYMW 8-701.0000000000100000.001.00
    Jun 25vs CHCW 2-101.0000000000200119.002.00
    Jun 27vs CHCW 7-501.1000000010100000.000.75
    Jul 1vs COLW 6-401.0000000020000000.000.00
    Jul 4vs PITW 6-401.2000000030200000.001.20
    Jul 6at LAAL 2-300.20100010112002113.504.50
    Jul 7at LAAW 3-101.00000380020000000.000.00
    Jul 11at SDW 4-201.0000000001000000.001.00
    Jul 12at SDW 3-201.0000000011000000.001.00
    Jul 14vs LAAL 4-501.0010000010110119.001.00
    Jul 15vs LAAW 5-301.0000000010000000.000.00
    Jul 20at MILW 6-401.0000000020100000.001.00
    Jul 23at PHIW 7-601.0000000020110119.001.00
    Jul 24at PHIL 4-701.2000000031100000.001.20
    Jul 27at ATLW 4-101.1000000020000000.000.00
    Aug 1vs MILW 6-401.0000000011000000.001.00
    Aug 5vs HOUW 3-201.0000000010100000.001.00
    Aug 7at OAKW 4-201.0000000020000000.000.00
    Aug 20vs STLL 3-501.00100000203202218.003.00
    Aug 22vs STLL 1-301.00100000003102218.003.00
    Aug 25vs SDW 5-401.0000001020110119.001.00
    Aug 28at TEXW 8-401.00000000113002218.004.00
    Aug 31vs ARIW 3-201.0000000010100000.001.00
    Sep 1vs ARIW 3-201.0000000010100000.001.00
    Sep 2vs ARIW 3-201.0100000010100000.001.00
    Sep 5vs NYML 3-701.0000000020000000.000.00
    Sep 12at CINW 8-101.0000000010000000.000.00
    Sep 13at STLW 9-701.0000000002100219.003.00
    Sep 14at STLW 3-001.0000000010001000.000.00
    Sep 18vs COLW 3-201.0000000010100000.001.00
    Sep 19vs COLW 5-201.0000000010000000.000.00
    Sep 22vs SDW 7-200.2000000020000000.000.00
    Sep 24at ARIW 7-401.0000000020110119.001.00
    Sep 28at SFW 3-101.0000000000001000.000.00
    Sep 29at SFW 10-600.2000000010100000.001.50
    Oct 1vs COLW 5-201.00000000202202218.002.00
    Oct 5vs ATLW 3-001.0000010010100000.001.00
    Oct 8at ATLW 6-201.0000000020000000.000.00
    Oct 13at MILW 4-301.0000010011000000.001.00
    Oct 16vs MILW 2-102.0000000021100000.001.00
    Oct 17vs MILW 5-200.1000010010000000.000.00
    Oct 20at MILW 5-101.1000000030000000.000.00
    Oct 26vs BOSW 3-202.0000001020110114.500.50
    Oct 27vs BOSL 6-901.0000001010110119.001.00
    Oct 28vs BOSL 1-501.0000000001000000.001.00