Charlie Blackmon

DH,RF,OF · Colorado Rockies

Bats L Throws L
Height 6'3" Weight 210
DOB 1986-07-01 Age 36.8
Hometown Dallas, TX
2023 Fantasy Rankings

NFBC ADP (15-team): 21.02, 302nd

Season Projections

THE BAT$5111484440581192341053328617.831.270.328.409.737.139

ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

Fantasy Baseball News Last 90 Days

  • Charlie Blackmon Won't Play This Weekend

    Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon (back) is still dealing with a sore back and won't play in Cactus League games this weekend. It's starting to become a concern for Blackmon, as he's already missed a week of spring games due to the injury. There's still time for him to return and get himself ready for Opening Day at the end of this month, but he's starting to run out of time. The 36-year-old left-handed hitter's fantasy stock is on the decline as he heads into his 13th MLB season for the Rockies. He hit .264/.314/.419 with a .733 OPS, 16 home runs, 78 RBI, 60 runs scored and four stolen bases in 577 plate appearances and 135 games in 2022. At this point, Blackmon is becoming a streamer for when he plays his home games at hitter-friendly Coors Field.

    Mar 17 · Source via Rockies Charlie Blackmon
  • Charlie Blackmon In No Rush To Return

    Colorado Rockies outfielderCharlie Blackmon(back) is improving after sustaining a back injury on Friday. Blackmon was removed in the first inning of Friday's game against the San Francisco Giants, which was ruled as back stiffness. Manager Bud Black added that the Rockies are in no rush to reinstate Blackmon as Opening Day approaches. The 36-year-old is expected to see a lot of DH opportunities to begin the season as a precaution to complete the recovery process. As the year progresses, he will slowly return to the outfield. Blackmon slashed .264/.314/.419 with a .733 OPS this past season. He smacked 16 home runs as well as a .317 wOBA. Barring any setbacks, the Rockies hope that Blackmon continues to contribute from an offensive standpoint.

    Mar 12 · Source via Rockies Charlie Blackmon
  • Charlie Blackmon Exits Early On Friday

    Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon (back) was forced to exit early during Friday's Spring Training contest. Luckily, the veteran outfielder says he's fine and dealing with some back stiffness. It sounds like Blackmon is day-to-day, but has avoided any serious injuries. The 36-year-old should still have a little left in the tank after another decent season in Colorado last year. The left-handed slugger should be able to provide decent fantasy value as long as he can stay healthy.

    Mar 10 · Source via Rockies Charlie Blackmon
    2023 ATC$7111484439591202241260338718.041.273.332.424.756.151
    2023 Steamer$101285655136713924415683810318.242.271.329.421.750.150
    2023 THE BAT$5111484440581192341053328617.831.270.328.409.737.139
    2023 Zeile$7121511464611252241363369117.841.269.329.418.747.149

    Historic stats obtained free of charge from and are copyrighted by Retrosheet. ATC projections by Ariel Cohen. Steamer projections by Steamer Projections Blog. THE BAT projections by Derek Carty. Zeile Consensus projections by FantasyPros.

    Fielding Stats

    Mar 30at SDW 7-2551310000120.000.600.600.8001.400.200
    Mar 31at SDW 4-1542200120120.000.500.6001.2501.850.750


    Apr 8vs LADL 3-5550110010240.
    Apr 9vs LADW 3-2440000000250.
    Apr 11at TEXW 6-4550000000240.
    Apr 12at TEXW 4-155020001000.000.400.400.400.800.000
    Apr 14vs CHCL 2-5541000001240.
    Apr 15vs CHCW 6-543011000100.001.333.500.6671.167.334
    Apr 16vs CHCW 9-6540200011120.000.500.600.5001.100.000
    Apr 17vs CHCL 4-61100000001100.
    Apr 18vs PHIW 4-132210011100.000.500.6672.0002.6671.500
    Apr 19vs PHIW 6-532210000100.000.500.667.5001.167.000
    Apr 20vs PHIL 6-9551100000120.
    Apr 23at DETW 3-2441100120125.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Apr 24at DETW 6-255241002000.010.800.8001.0001.800.200
    Apr 25at PHIL 2-8440000000125.
    Apr 26at PHIL 3-10442200220125.000.500.5002.0002.5001.500
    Apr 27at PHIL 3-755010000000.
    Apr 28at PHIL 1-743000000100.
    Apr 29vs CINW 10-4652110001233.300.200.333.400.733.200
    Apr 30vs CINW 4-344111001000.
    May 3vs WASL 2-10440100000125.
    May 4vs WASW 5-244010001000.
    May 5vs WASW 9-7541100001120.000.250.400.250.650.000
    May 6at ARIL 1-4330000000133.300.
    May 7at ARIW 4-155000000000.
    May 8at ARIL 0-4440110000125.
    May 10at SFL 2-9440000000125.
    May 11at SFL 1-743000001100.
    May 13vs KCL 10-1455110000000.
    May 14vs KCW 10-4551100120120.
    May 16vs SFL 6-755011001000.
    May 17vs SFL 7-1054110000100.000.250.400.250.650.000
    May 18vs SFW 5-332110011100.000.500.6672.0002.6671.500
    May 21vs NYML 1-544010000000.
    May 21vs NYMW 11-3541000000120.
    May 23at PITL 1-244010000000.
    May 24at PITW 2-1440100000125.
    May 25at PITL 5-1053010000200.000.333.600.333.933.000
    May 26at WASL 3-744110101000.
    May 28at WASL 7-1355130001000.000.600.600.6001.200.000
    May 28at WASW 3-2550200010120.000.400.400.400.800.000
    May 29at WASL 5-6531100122120.000.333.6001.3331.9331.000
    May 30vs MIAW 7-1440100010125.
    Jun 1vs MIAL 1-14440000000125.
    Jun 1vs MIAW 13-12640100001116.700.250.500.250.750.000
    Jun 2vs ATLL 6-13551400020120.000.800.800.8001.600.000
    Jun 3vs ATLL 1-344000000000.
    Jun 4vs ATLL 2-655000000000.
    Jun 5vs ATLL 7-8551200110240.000.400.4001.0001.400.600
    Jun 7at SFW 5-322110013000.000.500.5002.0002.5001.500
    Jun 8at SFL 1-2440210010125.000.500.500.7501.250.250
    Jun 9at SFW 4-255132000000.000.600.6001.0001.600.400
    Jun 10at SDL 0-9440100000250.
    Jun 11at SDL 1-2551100000240.
    Jun 11at SDW 6-2550000010120.
    Jun 14vs CLEL 3-4551100120120.
    Jun 15vs CLEL 5-7550200000240.000.400.400.400.800.000
    Jun 16vs CLEL 2-454021000100.000.500.600.7501.350.250
    Jun 17vs SDW 10-4542301021120.000.750.8001.2502.050.500
    Jun 18vs SDW 5-444221012000.000.500.5001.5002.0001.000
    Jun 19vs SDW 8-3441100000375.
    Jun 21at MIAL 8-9551100000120.
    Jun 22at MIAL 4-7330000010133.300.
    Jun 24at MINW 1-044000001000.
    Jun 25at MINL 0-6430000001125.
    Jun 26at MINL 3-6551100110120.
    Jun 28vs LADW 7-455241001000.000.800.8001.0001.800.200
    Jun 29vs LADL 4-844010000000.
    Jul 1vs ARIL 3-9441100110250.000.250.2501.0001.250.750
    Jul 2vs ARIW 11-755221002000.000.400.400.6001.000.200
    Jul 3vs ARIW 6-5441100000250.
    Jul 4at LADL 3-511010001000.0001.0001.0001.0002.000.000
    Jul 5at LADL 2-5430000001250.
    Jul 6at LADL 1-2430000001125.
    Jul 7at ARIW 4-310000000100.0001.0001.000
    Jul 8at ARIW 6-5550000000480.
    Jul 9at ARIL 2-944010001000.
    Jul 10at ARIW 3-244021000000.000.500.500.7501.250.250
    Jul 11vs SDL 5-654221101100.000.500.6001.2501.850.750
    Jul 12vs SDW 5-3441200130125.000.500.5001.2501.750.750
    Jul 13vs SDW 10-655020000000.000.400.400.400.800.000
    Jul 15vs PITW 13-255130002000.000.600.600.6001.200.000
    Jul 16vs PITW 2-0440100010125.
    Jul 17vs PITL 3-8441101010125.
    Jul 22at MILL 5-6662200130116.700.333.333.8331.166.500
    Jul 23at MILL 4-944010000000.
    Jul 24at MILL 9-10530100011120.000.333.600.333.933.000
    Jul 25at MILW 2-0440000000250.
    Jul 26vs CWSL 1-2550110000120.
    Jul 27vs CWSW 6-5541100111120.000.250.4001.0001.400.750
    Jul 29vs LADL 4-544000000000.
    Jul 30vs LADW 5-343110000000.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Jul 31vs LADL 3-7440100000125.
    Aug 1at SDL 1-443010000000.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Aug 2at SDL 5-13550000000360.
    Aug 3at SDL 1-933000001000.
    Aug 4at SDW 7-3552200000120.000.400.400.400.800.000
    Aug 5at ARIL 5-6550100000240.
    Aug 6at ARIW 3-243000000000.
    Aug 7at ARIL 4-61100000001100.
    Aug 9vs STLW 16-5551100010120.
    Aug 10vs STLL 5-955010000000.
    Aug 11vs STLW 8-6541100011120.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Aug 12vs ARIW 5-344010001000.
    Aug 13vs ARIL 0-644000000000.
    Aug 16at STLL 4-5440210030125.000.500.500.7501.250.250
    Aug 17at STLL 1-5430100010125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Aug 18at STLL 0-1311010000000.0001.0001.0001.0002.000.000
    Aug 20vs SFW 4-3540100001120.000.250.400.250.650.000
    Aug 21vs SFL 8-9551200020240.000.400.400.400.800.000
    Aug 23vs TEXW 7-644031001000.000.750.7501.0001.750.250
    Aug 25at NYML 1-3440000000375.
    Aug 26at NYML 6-744020000000.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Aug 28at NYMW 1-044020000000.000.500.500.5001.000.000
    Aug 31at ATLL 2-3430000001125.
    Sep 1at ATLL 0-3440000000250.
    Sep 2at CINL 2-344011000000.
    Sep 4at CINL 0-10440000000250.
    Sep 4at CINW 8-411010002000.0001.0001.0001.0002.000.000
    Sep 5vs MILL 4-643020002000.000.667.750.6671.417.000
    Sep 6vs MILW 10-755100000000.
    Sep 7vs MILW 8-4440000000125.
    Sep 9vs ARIW 13-10540000001120.
    Sep 11vs ARIL 6-12440000000375.
    Sep 13at CWSL 2-444010000000.
    Sep 14at CWSW 3-04400000004100.
    Sep 17at CHCW 3-1441101010125.
    Sep 18at CHCW 4-354120000100.010.500.600.5001.100.000
    Sep 19vs SFL 7-1055030101000.000.600.6001.0001.600.400
    Sep 20vs SFL 3-6440100000125.
    Sep 21vs SFL 1-644000000000.
    Sep 22vs SFL 0-3440110000250.
    Sep 23vs SDW 4-3210000001150.000.000.500.000.500.000
    Sep 24vs SDL 3-9430100001125.000.333.500.333.833.000
    Sep 25vs SDL 6-13440210010125.000.500.500.7501.250.250
    Sep 27at SFL 2-5441200010125.000.500.500.5001.000.000
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