Super Bowl LI Quiz

Click the image to download the Super Bowl LI Quiz PDF.

Click the image to download the Super Bowl LI Quiz PDF.

If you are hosting a party for Super Bowl LI (a.k.a. Super Bowl 51) this week, or know someone who is, then a fun addition is a 30-question multiple choice quiz I put together about the big game.

Predict who will win of course, Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots, and the over-under. Guess the first score of the game and which players will record more passing, rushing and receiving yards. Who will win the opening coin toss? Heads or tails?

Also, how long will the U.S. National Anthem be sung by country singer Luke Bryan? Will Lady GaGa wear an outfit exposing her midriff? You read that right. Or, how many slices of pizza will Domino’s sell on Super Bowl Sunday? What color will the Gatorade be that is dumped on the winning coach? There are 30 questions worth 35 points.

It is a compilation of popular prop bets for the Super Bowl which your party-goers and friends can fill in for fun or throw a little money in a pot to the winner. Football knowledge is not a prerequisite to completing the quiz … and tends to have zero correlation to actually scoring well, based on history. Click the Super Bowl LI graphic to download and then print the PDF. I will post the answers on our Facebook page next week. Enjoy the game!


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    In case you missed it, I did post the answers to the first 28 questions of our quiz the day after the Super Bowl on our Facebook page.

    To finally close this off, question 30, the Dow Jones went UP on February 6, the day after the Super Bowl. Question 29, the Domino’s pizza slice sales… I placed a bet on this at an online sportsbook and the bet is still open, a.k.a. undecided. Guess it was a bad question for the quiz, so make that another PUSH along with the Gatorade and the quiz is now scored out of 33.

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