Another Update, Plus Baseball Player Rankings

A new week and yet another update for the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy. The Zeile Consensus Projections and ADP each received an update, which you can obtain by simply opening your copy of the Cheatsheet Compiler, going to the update tab, and hitting the Update Projections button, making sure you are asking for the Zeile (FantasyPros) projections from the available drop-down.

Don’t have the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy yet? They are free, including updates from now to Opening Day. All you need to do is register a member account (or login with your old one and renew access) and go to the download page to get the CC/DB, fantasy baseball version for 2013. Testimonials and/or donations to help pay for our web hosting and time are appreciated.

The CC/DB is in Microsoft Excel, which is software that some of you maybe don’t have on your computer, or don’t use currently or very often, or don’t care to try. I’ve tried to make the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy as user-friendly as possible, but it is within the confines of Excel which isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. As a (former) accountant, it was a natural for me, but I understand some reluctance or even frustration using a Microsoft product.

Team 5X5 ADP
1 MIL $46 1.01
2 DET $46 1.02
3 LAA $44 1.03
4 NYY $36 1.07
5 LAD $35 1.04
6 LAA $35 1.06
7 LAD $33 2.02

To help bridge the gap by providing something beneficial to non-Excel users, I posted new player ranking pages on the website. Print and go, with the old pencil and paper draft method. Nothing wrong with that, and you are certain to not spill beer on your laptop at the draft. The rankings are based on standard 5X5 roto scoring with a typical $260 salary cap (i.e. same format as you see in outdated magazines on the racks at the book store), pulled from the Cheatsheet Compiler. There are overall rankings and rankings by position. I’ll update these each time we update the projections in the Compiler.

I hope you find that helpful. Feedback is welcome either here in the blog comments, or on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. drjekyll32082 says

    Mike, is there a way to tell the date of the Zeile Projections currently in the compiler? For example, the Zeile Projections were updated today, March 6. I wouldn’t expect your March 5 Compiler update to include Zeile’s March 6 update (you’re good, but I don’t know if you’re _that_ good), but how “out of date” is the March 5 Compiler update?

  2. says

    Hey DrJ. Good to hear from you. The last Zeile update was March 3, so my March 5 update included that. I think I’m going to pretty much keep with a Monday and Friday update over here, weekly, so there should never be too much of a lag. I am checking daily to see when they do update, as I never want to fall too far behind, and you guys keep letting me know when you notice an update, too. There isn’t currently a way to tell what Zeile projections we are working from (the update date), so I’ll start mentioning that in the blog posts.

  3. prnichols7807 says


    Thanks for all of your work on this project. I just discovered it this year and am looking forward to using it to help during my draft. I noticed that the Razzball-Steamer projections are not picking up the projections for holds done by Razzball, which is throwing off the RP values a bit. Will you be able to add those in on the next round of updates?.

  4. says

    Hi, and thanks for trying us out this season. I see what you are saying. The projections I put up are downloaded from the Steamer Projections Blog. They do not include Holds, and I also see Razzball has QS which are not included in the Steamer download. Razzball indicate on their website they project QS, SV and HLD (note the “*” in the table headings, here: ). SV are included in the download, so this is rather confusing. Let me see what I can figure out and then circle back with an answer.

  5. says

    Okay, I got a response from Jared Cross who does the Steamer projections, and his understanding is that Razzball wants to keep HLD (and QS) projections proprietary, so he can’t include them in his download spreadsheet. The only place to get them is on the Razzball website. Nice that they keep it free :)

    My suggestion would be if you want to add them to your copy of the Compiler, is to use Projection Pal to try to grab them. If I get some time later then I will come back with a tutorial on how I would do that.

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