Projection Pal Now Available

Projection Pal is now available from our Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy download page.

The purpose of Pal is to help import other fantasy baseball projections into the Cheatsheet Compiler, but keep in mind it is completely optional. If you are happy using the projections already included in the Compiler – Zeile or Steamer – then you do not need to use Pal. Check the demo video for a tutorial on how it works.

As an added bonus, there is also a separate copy of Pal with projections from CBS. I included the top 50 at catcher and each infield position, top 100 outfielders, top 150 starting pitchers and top 100 relievers. For that file you simply need to download, open it (and the Compiler) and hit the “Copy to Compiler” button on each of the hitters Raw and pitchers Raw tabs.

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