Baseball Compiler 1.1 Plus Draft Buddy Released

After an extensive update to the depth charts, enough players changed from version 1.0 of the Cheatsheet Compiler that I needed to release a version 1.1. It is now ready and available from our download page.

For those new to the website, the 2013 Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball is completely free. It is free to download, use and update right up to Opening Day, no strings attached. You just need to register an account to get access to download. Existing members can login to download again this season.

If you already downloaded the earlier available Cheatsheet Compiler 1.0, then you must replace it with version 1.1 to ensure the update pages and Draft Buddy work properly. There are no other feature changes since 1.0, but 1.1 includes updated Steamer and Zeile projections, updated Average Draft Position data from each of FantasyPros and Mock Draft Central, plus ADP from National Fantasy Baseball Championship and the depth charts.

Oh, and that little gem called Draft Buddy is also now available. Not a bad update, eh?


If you notice any issue with the Compiler, Draft Buddy, or anything on the website, then please send me feedback so I can correct it. To submit feedback, like the CC/DB on Facebook, follow @DraftBuddy on Twitter and Google+, post in the blog or send me an email.


  1. mjfhokie says

    Thanks for all the hard work. One thing you need to fix though. On the depth charts, your lists are off starting with the KC Royals and every team after. It looks like you copied the roster from an AL and NL list. The problem is that the Astros are now in AL.

    I think it is an easy fix – just takes shifting the team names in Column A. I am in a combined AL/NL league so it doesn’t matter, but you may want to check to see if changes are needed for AL only and NL only leagues.

    It is a great product. Thanks.

  2. says

    Thanks man! Appreciate the kind words.

    I know I missed moving Houston on the depth chart in 1.0, but I was sure I made the switch in 1.1 for both the Compiler and Draft Buddy. Let me now triple check that.

  3. says

    The Compiler 1.1 and Draft Buddy look okay, right? Make sure you have the 1.1 Compiler. Confirm back you’ve got that and you’re seeing HOU in the right spot on the depth chart. Thanks.

  4. mjfhokie says

    I think I found it. In the 1.1 Draft Buddy on the Depth Chart page, Column B (Depth Chart Players Remaining) lists the teams incorrectly. (Houston is skipped so everything below is not picking up. Also Toronto slides down to NL section so there is no DH shown.

    On the same worksheet, Column M (copied from Compiler) is different from Column A and is correct. It appears to just be text item, not a data item.

  5. says

    Sorry man, still not seeing it on my end. Did you maybe run Setup Draft Buddy from your 1.0 Compiler? That might cause that… since I only made the change in 1.1. Or maybe I uploaded the wrong file. Can’t check that from my phone but I will when I get home.

  6. mjfhokie says

    Rerunning setup in draft buddy addressed it. Thanks.

    One other item. When you provide the periodic updates from FantasyPros, could you include more players. In many of the lists of top 40 at each position in the Compiler, the bottom rows are players with zero points. I assume this is just a matter of limited player projections. It is most noticeable in the Catcher column with only 28 catchers showing projections. Our league has 14 teams x 2 C = 28. Thanks.

  7. says

    Geez, I didn’t realize that. We had that problem last year, didn’t we? I would have thought pulling their export file would get all the players instead of going a position at a time. Let me see what I can do when I update this week.

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