MLB Roster and Depth Chart Updates

I’m in depth chart overhaul mode here. After a couple days and late nights, I think I’ve finally got the team rosters and depth charts looking like I want them to. Currently I am working my way through each team to update the rosters from our stat provider, and then get the players in the right spots for the projected 25-man rosters and depth charts.

As a result of these changes, there will likely be a new Cheatsheet Compiler download this week. If a handful of players change from the initial players I put in the Compiler, then that I can work out via our auto-update right in the Compiler. When a lot of players change, it gets more tricky, so a new download file is in order.

Don’t let that discourage you if you want to try out the Compiler today. Go ahead and download it (register or login, and download for free), and then you can come back later and download the version 1.1 when it is ready. Soon after the new Compiler is ready, the separate Draft Buddy file will become available.

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