Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet Compiler Is Ready

Ahead of last season by two days, the Cheatsheet Compiler for fantasy baseball is ready to download. Just in time to stay in all weekend with the big snow storm, from where I am sitting anyway.

The Cheatsheet Compiler, Draft Buddy and Projection Pal for fantasy baseball are free to download and use. Updates are also free. I plan to update the projections, ADP and depth charts about weekly until Opening Day of the 2013 MLB season. You need Microsoft Excel to use any of the Compiler, Buddy and Pal.

To download the Cheatsheet Compiler, register an account (free), login and then proceed to the download page. Existing members should be able to simply login and go to the download page.

In terms of changes from last year, we have some powerful new stuff! Here are the details:

The depth charts are not yet complete, but the Compiler should be in good enough shape to run it through its paces. Let me know if you notice any issues. The depth charts, Draft Buddy and Projection Pal should be ready next week. Feedback is welcome, preferably here or via Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy!

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