Steamer-Razzball and Zeile Consensus Baseball Player Projections

I did say, “next stop, Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy” last week, but to get to that stop there are a few key steps we need to take along the way. Most importantly, we need some player projections to get into the Cheatsheet Compiler to generate our fantasy baseball cheatsheets.

Good buddy Rick Milleman isn’t doing the projections this year, so I reached out to a couple people to help us out and fortunately, and thankfully, they agreed to let us use their projections in the CC/DB. One you’ll recognize from a year ago and one perhaps not, although they do have a good track record.

The Zeile Consensus Projections are from FantasyPros, an average of player projections from a variety of fantasy baseball websites, and updated constantly from now through spring training and right up to Opening Day. FantasyPros let us use the Zeile projections last year, and I made them available for import into the Cheatsheet Compiler using Projection Pal. This year, we’ll see about a more direct import into the Compiler.

The Steamer-Razzball projections are a collaboration between the Steamer Projections Blog and top-notch fantasy baseball website, Razzball. Steamer is a system for generating baseball projections and they’ve coupled the projections with playing time estimates from Razzball. These will also be available for import into the Cheatsheet Compiler… somehow (I haven’t entirely figured it out yet).

Make sure to support these websites as thanks for providing their projections for us. Projection Pal allows for importing projections from other sources into the Compiler, but as anyone is aware who used Pal in the past, it can be a tad frustrating when player names don’t match up exactly with our database. Any possibility to skip that step and still get a solid set of projections is a welcome step into the right direction.


  1. mjfhokie says

    Glad that you are updating the Compiler. It has been very useful in the past, and I look forward to using it in 2013. I have a few questions on the new projections.

    So are the “Zeile” projections the same as the Fantasy Pro Consensus projections? If they are the Consensus projections, will you be periodically be updating them (once the Compiler is set up)? Also, if they are the same, the Steamer-Razzball are being included as part of the Fantasy Pro concensus (currently 1 of the 4 projections sets).

    Also, if you would make sure the Player Names in the Compiler match the Fantasy Pro site, it would be easy to use the Fantasy Pro site to select our favorite experts and then converting with Projection Pal.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work.

  2. says

    Thanks mjf. Yes, Zeile = consensus projections from FantasyPros. That is the name they’ve given them. And you’re right, the Steamer projections are currently included in that consensus, and I’m sure they’ll add many more projection sets to their consensus over the next few weeks as they did last year.

    At this time I hope to update the Zeile projections once per week, assuming they update them that often.

    The player names I use are going to match the stat provider I use to get the roster updates. These should be very close to 100% match with a site like FantasyPros, but there are likely to be a few discrepancies. I think when I imported the current Zeile projections, there were 5 mismatched names. I’ll make sure to add those to the player name change box in Pal when the time comes.

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