Howdy Sports Fans

The principal at my kids school uses that intro, “Howdy Sports Fans”, on every newsletter sent home from the school. I kind of like it. It is a unique salutation. We did recently move to a rather sporty city, so it does apply to the majority of the population feeding into the school. However, I think he overuses it. Every newsletter? Not necessary.

Now, as it turns out, I have a bunch of random things to say to update you about the website, and they cover a variety of sports, so I thought it would be a good intro here. I do promise to never use it again though. Once is enough.

Okay, lets get to it. Random items of interest. Unfortunately you need to read them all to decide what you find interesting, but I’ll tack on some headings and try to be brief.

New Hockey Content

One of our resident hockey experts, John, wrote an article with his three best bets to win their NHL game this weekend. The idea behind this is to support the new Hockey Survivor Pool (mentioned next). We posted it the article over at BleacherReport, so check it out and post a comment for John, which will bump our exposure at BR.

New Hockey Pool

Hockey Survivor Pool? What’s that? In case you missed the note last week, we have a new pool for regular season hockey, and it starts this week. It is basically the Football Survivor Pool, converted for the NHL. You just need to make a pick once a week (which is all my football mentality speed can handle). It will be a fun pool. Check it out. Deadline is Saturday at 7:00pm Eastern.

Fantasy Football

We’ve been pushing out a bunch of fantasy football content weekly since the start of the season, including stats, articles and projections by Dave and game recaps by Michael. Unfortunately, Dave wasn’t able to do his weekly Buy Low, Sell High this week due to time constraints. Just wanted to let you know in case you were looking for it.


Tough week this week, as we don’t have a podcast either due to technical difficulties. Here are my office pool picks for the week I sent over to Tony, although not many difficult choices in what looks like a bit of a ho-hum week on the schedule: Ravens, Bills, Panthers, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Vikings, 49ers, Cardinals, Patriots, Jaguars, Colts, Jets. I don’t think I have an upset in the bunch, although the Jaguars-Seahawks line is even.

Help Wanted

Following up that last point, we could use some more people on in-season football content… and hockey… and baseball (for next season). If you’re a good writer, both entertaining and insightful, able to meet strict deadlines and know your sport of choice inside and out, then lets talk. We are a grassroots operation here with plenty of opportunity for growth.

A friend of mine told me before he pictured me running a fantasy site akin to the way things happened in the movie Office Space. We aren’t there yet, but we continue to work towards that goal.


Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy

What is in store for everyone’s favourite fantasy football and fantasy baseball draft tool? It is really, really, early to say anything, but I will say I am very sick of the limitations of Excel and having become incompatible to so many Mac customers since the release of Mac Office 2008. I’m continuing to explore stand-alone cross-platform solutions for us.

I’m sure there will be those of you who would still want the Compiler and Buddy in Excel, to which I envision releasing separate Excel and non-Excel versions. However any Excel version would likely only be an update from prior years and not include any new features, with the idea being that eventually everyone would transition to the non-Excel version. Yes, even you old dogs. Those are my thoughts on that important subject. Now back to the lab.

Fantasy Throwdown

What is Fantasy Throwdown? Great concept I think you’re really going to like, but I can’t say anything else right now.


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