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Player Page Linking Tool

Add Hyperlinks to Your Text

Use this tool to add links to player pages to any text you write and publish on the web. Whether you write a sports blog, fun articles for your fantasy league, message board posts and more, add links to player pages to give your text a good reference to source material about the player(s) you are writing about. Plus adding links to your text gives it a more professional look and feel.

  • Select whether you want your links in HTML or commonly used Message Board format.
  • Copy and paste or type your text into the "Insert text here:" box. The player names in your text need to be full first and last names (case-sensitive), and spelled correctly.
  • Hit Submit. This will take you to a confirmation page of the names the tool found.
  • Confirm your choices, hit Submit, and the top box will return your text with the player links added.
  • Copy the new text and paste it where you want it published.

For feedback and tech support, email Mike. Let us know where you are linking the player pages.

Output: HTML Message Board (PHPBB, IP.B, vBulletin)
Insert text: Select all text