Updating More Than One Set of Projections in Draft Buddy

Today marked another fantasy baseball projections update, including both sets of projections we have available for Draft Buddy and the Last Player Picked Price Guide. Those are the Steamer-Fangraphs projections, from Steamer Projections Blog plus playing time adjustments from Fangraphs, and the Zeile consensus projections from FantasyPros.

The update also included our depth charts and average draft position (ADP) data from each of FantasyPros, Mock Draft Central and National Fantasy Baseball Championship. Make sure to support each of the above mentioned websites, or drop them a thank you, for helping power Draft Buddy and LPP for your fantasy baseball drafts this season.

One of our Draft Buddy users sent me an email asking how to update both sets of projections in the software. I realize the Draft Buddy instructions need an overhaul since I combined the old Cheatsheet Compiler and Draft Buddy into one file, but that is a job that is going to have to wait until next year. For now, I’ll respond to emails and write the occasional blog post to answer key questions like this one.


Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy, action tab

When it comes to updating projections in Draft Buddy, everything happens on the aptly named action tab. Buddy only updates one set of projections at a time, based on the “Source:” drop-down, and if you read the information boxes that pop-up, you’ll know the new projections you are grabbing overwrite the projections in the Site A (or first) section on each of the hitters data and pitchers data tabs.

So, the process to update both steps is essentially update one, move it to Site B, and update the second. Here is the detail:

  1. Select one of the two available projections with the drop-down on the action tab. Click the Update Projections button.

  2. After the projections update you can click No to not Compile Cheatsheets.
  3. Now click the Move Site A to Site B button (or Site C, if you prefer).
  4. Use the drop-down to select the other set of projections. Hit Update Projections again.
  5. This time you want to hit Compile Cheatsheets so your cheatsheets are updated for the latest projections.

If you only plan to use one set of projections to generate your cheatsheets, then there is no need to update both sets. If you do the update, and then later change the allocation key or mix or projections in Site A, B, and possibly C, then you need to hit Compile Cheatsheets again to see the impact of the change.

That is it for now. Good luck in your fantasy baseball drafts!

Fantasy Baseball Projections and Rankings Plus NFL Rosters Update

Just in time for the weekend, we rolled out another projections, ADP and depth chart update for the fantasy baseball version of Draft Buddy, plus the equivalent online stuff is updated, like the cheatsheet rankings if you just want to print and go.

If you downloaded Draft Buddy and like what you see, then please lend a hand via a donation, or simply sign up to play daily fantasy baseball this year, or when you purchase something from Amazon, link from us so we earn a small referral for the sale. Thanks, and good luck if you are drafting this weekend!

NFL Rosters Updated

Free agency kicked off this past week in a big way in the NFL, so I started updating our NFL rosters and, although very preliminary, our fantasy football page for 2014. Player stats and player pages with game logs are available, so you can start your early research, and the fantasy football version of Draft Buddy will return in June.

Projections, ADP and Depth Chart Update, Plus Draft Buddy 2.1

Earlier this week we released Draft Buddy 2.0 which combined the old Cheatsheet Compiler and Draft Buddy into a single file. We received a lot of props for that, which is great, but also with such a big change from our prior version it isn’t a surprise a few issues slipped through the cracks.

Based on feedback received in the past few days, version 2.1 is now available that includes various fixes. The items were fixed ASAP in version 2.0 throughout the week, and some items were Mac specific, so users may already have a completely fixed version or never notice any issue with 2.0. However, if you do have a problem with 2.0, then download and give 2.1 a whirl.

Today we also did a big update including projections from FantasyPros and Steamer-Fangraphs, plus ADP from each of Mock Draft Central, National Fantasy Baseball Championship and FantasyPros, and the depth charts. Thanks to all of our third party providers for including their data in Draft Buddy. The update is ready to go, and whether you have 1.0, 2.0 or 2.1, the it should work the same in all.

Remember, if you want to update both sets of projections, select one set with the drop-down, hit Update Projections. Then use the button to move that set from Site A to Site B. Select the other set with the drop-down, and hit Update Projections again. Now you’re all set. Good luck to those drafting this weekend!