Compiler v.1.2 Plus New YouTube Tutorial Importing Holds, Quality Starts Projections

I promised an update to the fantasy baseball projections, ADP and depth charts earlier today on our Facebook page, and it got done this afternoon, so you are now free to update your copy of the Cheatsheet Compiler. Same method as before, go to the update tab in the Compiler and hit Update Projections.

Ah, but there is more to the story which is why it took me an extra nine hours to post about the update. You’ll be particularly interested in this part if your league uses Holds or Quality Starts as a scoring category.

Last week member prnichols7807 asked why Holds are available at in the Steamer-Razzball projections on their website, but not in the Steamer-Razzball projections available in the Cheatsheet Compiler (and here). Good question. I learned that Razzball adds the Holds projections, and Quality Starts too, and they want to keep those proprietary.

No problem, of course. I can understand that, because Holds and QS are not as commonly projected as other stats, so if you want them you need to visit Razzball to get them. However, that doesn’t help us get them in the Cheatsheet Compiler to incorporate into our cheatsheets for leagues that use Holds, Quality Starts, or both, does it? The answer: Projection Pal. We can use Projection Pal to import just the Holds and QS into the Compiler, and add them to our existing Steamer projections.

The question then of course is how to do that, which inspired me to create a new YouTube tutorial on exactly that. The video shows all the steps from copying the projections off the website, pasting them into Projection Pal, getting them into the Cheatsheet Compiler, adding them to the existing Steamer projections, and creating our new cheatsheets for a 6X6 league (standard 5X5 plus OBP and Holds, and QS instead of Wins).

These videos are time consuming to produce but I can understand they are more helpful than reading instructions. I hope you find this one helpful.

As a further addendum to this story, when I first ran the Holds projections through the Cheatsheet Compiler, relievers with Holds were overvalued quite a bit. I made some adjustments to Compiler version 1.1, and uploaded version 1.2 to our download page with a new feature.

Similar to the “Stockpile Closers” feature already in the Compiler, there is now a “Stockpile Holds” feature on the roto adjust tab that forces relievers projected with a base level of holds into the draftable player pool. That change, plus an appropriate adjustment to the holds value as discussed in the video, spits out the projected best setup men in baseball at reasonable dollar values relative to closers and other positions.

The time to do one update plus another nine hours later, we have updated projections, a new version of the Cheatsheet Compiler and a new YouTube video. Yep, that is a full day, and I’m calling it a night. Enjoy!

Baseball Compiler 1.1 Plus Draft Buddy Released

After an extensive update to the depth charts, enough players changed from version 1.0 of the Cheatsheet Compiler that I needed to release a version 1.1. It is now ready and available from our download page.

For those new to the website, the 2013 Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball is completely free. It is free to download, use and update right up to Opening Day, no strings attached. You just need to register an account to get access to download. Existing members can login to download again this season.

If you already downloaded the earlier available Cheatsheet Compiler 1.0, then you must replace it with version 1.1 to ensure the update pages and Draft Buddy work properly. There are no other feature changes since 1.0, but 1.1 includes updated Steamer and Zeile projections, updated Average Draft Position data from each of FantasyPros and Mock Draft Central, plus ADP from National Fantasy Baseball Championship and the depth charts.

Oh, and that little gem called Draft Buddy is also now available. Not a bad update, eh?


If you notice any issue with the Compiler, Draft Buddy, or anything on the website, then please send me feedback so I can correct it. To submit feedback, like the CC/DB on Facebook, follow @DraftBuddy on Twitter and Google+, post in the blog or send me an email.

YouTube Video of Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy Fantasy Baseball

I did some demo videos and posted to YouTube back in 2010 for each of the Cheatsheet Compiler, Draft Buddy and Projection Pal. People find them very useful, and rightfully so, because you can actually see what is going on while I’m doing and talking about the steps using the fantasy draft tools, rather than read a bunch of instructions.

I was on hiatus from doing videos though, because frankly, they’re hard to do. They take time, and can be frustrating with mistakes and misspoken words resulting in retakes and editing. Hey, I’m trying to be a website developer / fantasy sports guy, not a video producer / director / actor / editor guy. Also the software to do the screencast videos was a tad expensive too.

In this day and age though, I guess we need to wear a lot of hats to get a half-decent website cobbled together. That is what I’m trying to do, and I want to do the best I can to help people use the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy. If videos are going to get that done, then I’d better produce some videos. Hopefully with more practice, they get more polish and less bloopers.

The first one is complete, and posted to YouTube on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to if you so choose. The video is a general getting started video, doing the following:

  1. Opening the Cheatsheet Compiler
  2. Inputting league settings and scoring
  3. Importing the Zeile Consensus Projections via Projection Pal
  4. Using the Zeile projections to create your cheatsheets in the Compiler
  5. Setting up Draft Buddy
  6. Draft the first player in Buddy

That seems like a pretty good overview. Of course, the video ran longer than I would like at 12 minutes. Like I said, this is going to be a learning process for me doing the videos. Hopefully it is a productive learning process for you using the CC/DB. I’ll have to make sure I hit some shorter topics going forward.

Okay, without further adieu, here is the first fantasy baseball video for the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy for 2012: