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Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy 2.0 – Player News and Last Player Picked Price Guide Integration

One of the new features in Version 2.0 of the Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is latest player news headlines pulled in when you update projections.

One of the new features in Version 2.0 of the Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is latest player news headlines pulled in when you update projections.

Pretty big update today folks with two cool new features for the fantasy baseball Draft Buddy. Plus, Projection Pal is ready. Plus, there was one fix to the compile cheatsheets process.

You must download Version 2.0 of Draft Buddy to get these new features and the fix. The link to download Projection Pal is also on the same page. Here are the details of the changes:

Player News Added

On each of the hitters data and pitchers data tabs, scroll to the far right and there is a spot for player notes. Its been there for some time, but finally I created new update files to include the latest news headlines from Rotoworld by player, as available, when you run Update Projections (either projections source).

The information doesn’t flow any where else in Draft Buddy at this time, but still pretty handy to scroll right and down the list to see the latest news item for players. Right now the update files are created locally and updated to the server, so the news isn’t available for Buddy in real-time, but I will see what I can do to provide more frequent updates.

Last Player Picked Integration

You know the online Last Player Picked Price Guide tool, right? We added it to the website last year (also reminding me I’ve overused the Dr. Frankenstein reference).

The LPP dollar value methodology is different than Draft Buddy, as they were each developed independently. At one point I thought about changing the Draft Buddy methodology to be the same as LPP, but that hasn’t come to fruition.

However, one of Draft Buddy’s strengths is its draft tracking ability, so even if you prefer dollar values generated from LPP, Draft Buddy is still useful after transferring the results from LPP to Draft Buddy. Last year I wrote a post on how to do this, but now I’ve made that process a lot easier.

Open Draft Buddy 2.0, and scroll to end of the tabs for a default CSV (comma separated file) from LPP. Run your own LPP results with the online tool, and at the end click League Info for the Export to CSV link. Download and open your CSV file, highlight the whole thing, copy and paste it on top of the current CSV output in Draft Buddy.

Final step, go to the options tab and at the top change the new Dollar Value Methodology option from Draft Buddy to Last Player Picked. Then hit Compile Cheatsheets, and the values in Draft Buddy on each of the hitters, pitchers and overall cheatsheets should match your values from LPP.

Compile Cheatsheets Fix

One of our long-time members, garf112, noticed in his league with no specific SP or RP designations, instead any 9 pitchers, that Draft Buddy gave some weird results between the starters (who had too much value) and relievers (who had very little value). I narrowed this down to one calculation not updating quickly enough during the Compile Cheatsheets process.

The above is just one example where the results went awry. In most league setups it was perhaps not very noticeable, but best practices would be to download Version 2.0 and input your league settings again and use this file going forward.

Projection Pal

Veteran member WilliamWallace sent me a note through our Help Desk the other night wondering when Projection Pal will be ready. For those who are not sure what Pal is, it is an optional tool (and separate download) to help import other projections or data into Draft Buddy. It helps ensure the data lines up with the right players on each of the hitters and pitchers tabs.

Pal is now ready. I am the first to admit it isn’t the easiest of tools to use, due to the complexity trying to clean and import data from a very wide variety of potential sources, but once you get the hang of it then it works quite well. Check the Projection Pal Demo Video for an overview how it works.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the new features!

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Pre-Training Camp Projections and Rankings Update, Supporting Team Notes

NFL training camps are set to get going this week. The first preseason game is not far off now, New York Giants versus Buffalo Bills, on Sunday August 3rd. Things are definitely ramping up on the fantasy football landscape!

I emailed our Draft Buddy customers last Thursday promising a projection update out soon. It didn’t happen Friday, as hoped, but lets start this week off on the right foot. Just published, updated rankings and updated projections based on news, notes, rumours and simply more contemplation of talent, situations and opportunity since our previous update, July 11.

Included below are notes by team that lead to many of the projections and rankings changes. You can see exactly who changed on the web pages, marked by a small up or down arrow. I will make a copy of Projection Pal with our projections included available to Draft Buddy customers, so they can easily import them into their copy of Buddy.

Arizona Cardinals

  • John Brown has upper hand on WR4 spot on the depth chart behind Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Ted Ginn Jr.. Brown continues to be a player to monitor but it will be tough for him to make an immediate fantasy impact from WR4 spot.

  • In early June Robert Housler was having, “a fantastic offseason”, but as of late mid-July he is not projected as a top two TE on the Cardinals. Apparently he doesn’t fit what head coach Bruce Arians wants to do. A talented, athletic TE, but we’re reducing his projections and adjusting John Carlson and Jake Ballard.

Baltimore Ravens

  • Ravens are expected to use WR Marlon Brown in the red zone. He scored 7 TD in 14 games last season as an undrafted rookie. His projections are worth another look.

Carolina Panthers

  • Due to recovery from his ankle surgery, Cam Newton didn’t get much time to work with his new wide receivers in minicamp, but they will reportedly get together prior to training camp to practice. The more time the better.

  • Jason Avant is expected to be the number three WR for the Panthers. We’re projecting Jerricho Cotchery and Kelvin Benjamin to start, Avant three, and not much left over for the likes of Tiquan Underwood or Marvin McNutt.

Chicago Bears

Cincinnati Bengals

  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis will compete for a roster spot with Rex Burkhead. Given LawFirm’s contract, he could be in tough to hold the spot. Cedric Peerman appears to be set thanks to his special teams play. One Bengals reporter is anticipating 200 carries for rookie Jeremy Hill. We have him less than half that currently. Adjusting Hill up, LawFirm down, and will adjust further if necessary once we see how splits and LawFirm’s status shake out.

Cleveland Browns

  • Brian Hoyer is fully cleared for training camp from his knee injury suffered last year. We still have Johnny Manziel projected at about half of the Browns’ pass attempts as it will be tough to keep him off the field unless the team wins consistently with Hoyer.

Detroit Lions

  • Second-year Theo Riddick is generating buzz through minicamp from various sources. He was a 6th round draft pick in 2013.

Green Bay Packers

  • RB Eddie Lacy is expected to be a three-down back for the Packers.

  • Jarrett Boykin seems to be locked into the WR3 spot for this year ahead of rookies Davante Adams and Jared Abbrederis. No surprise given how Boykin played last season and his experience in a complex offense. If you keep receiving trade offers with Boykin from owners in your dynasty leagues, it is because the rookies are seen as the future in the Green Bay while Boykin doesn’t have the pedigree to hold them off forever.
  • TE job is wide open, but rookie Richard Rodgers seems to have the most positive news out of minicamp relative to Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick and Colt Lyerla. We’re not going to change the current modest projections for veterans Quarless and Bostick, but adding Rodgers to our On The Radar section of the rankings.

Houston Texans

  • Reviewing our projections after publishing the Texans team report, Case Keenum seems high at 180 pass attempts. Adjusting him way down and giving majority to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Also thinking about how Kendall Wright benefited last year catching passes from Fitzpatrick, and if that might similarly impact Andre Johnson or DeAndre Hopkins this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

  • QB Tyler Bray expected to compete for backup job.

Minnesota Vikings

  • Some indications Norv Turner wants Adrian Peterson to catch more passes, getting him in space more. Peterson is no slouch as a receiver. We have him projected at a career high of 50. He’s previously hit 43 (2009) and 40 (2012) in a season.

  • Jarius Wright and Jerome Simpson will compete for the starting slot receiver job during training camp.

New Orleans Saints

  • Saints signed Jimmy Graham to a 4-year, $40-million contract, locking him up and avoiding him playing under the arbitrator ruled TE designation franchise tag this season.

New York Giants

  • All signs are RB David Wilson will be cleared for contact in time to start training camp. Great news for those still holding Wilson in dynasty leagues, eager to see what he can do. We won’t change his rankings or projections just yet.

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Team expects to use Martavis Bryant in the red zone, which could help Bryant get established quickly for fantasy purposes. Steelers threw a lot to their wide receivers in the red zone last year as departed Jerricho Cotchery caught 10 TD.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Even with the addition of Darren Sproles – who the Eagles insist is a RB, not exclusively a WR – they expect LeSean McCoy‘s workload to be on par with last season.

San Diego Chargers

  • OC Frank Reich indicates Ryan Mathews is the main RB. We aren’t sure why this is even news. Fantasy pundits seem down on Mathews relative to us. We have him ranked 14th, while his ADP hovers around 20th. Talent is not the question here.

San Francisco 49ers

  • Report from Bill Williamson of ESPN that 49ers are expected to reduce Frank Gore‘s carries this year down to around 220. He had 276 carries last season. Looks like we already had Gore projected at 210 carries so we’re in line with this forecast.

  • Marcus Lattimore will be placed on NFL non-football injury list heading into training camp. We already dropped Lattimore out of our main rankings and into the “On The Radar” section. He’ll stay there, or drop out completely, until we see some positive reports on his recovery from his knee injury in college.

Seattle Seahawks

  • Earlier in the offseason a comment by OC Darrell Bevell about a potential RBBC sent fantasy owners into a tizzy downgrading Marshawn Lynch and pumping up Christine Michael. We preached patience, and noted it was so early this wasn’t something to get worked up about. A new report indicates the team plans to reduce Lynch’s average carries per game a little bit, but he is still their workhorse. This seems more realistic at this stage.

Tennesee Titans

  • Positive reports out of Tennessee that rookie RB Bishop Sankey is in great shape and committed to studying with RB coach Sylvester Croom to get up to speed quickly.
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Importing Dynasty Rankings Into Draft Buddy

Here is a new YouTube video to demonstrate importing dynasty fantasy football rankings from DynastyLeagueFootball.com into Draft Buddy using Projection Pal. This will be useful for anyone attempting to import any data or projections into Buddy via Pal.

This particular example also includes use of the custom fields and custom scoring tab, used to tell Buddy to sort the players by the imported rankings instead of the projected fantasy points calculated from the redraft (current season) projections.

If you have any questions please post a comment. Review old videos at my YouTube channel.