Draft Buddy 2.0 New Feature Top Available Players By Stat Plus ZiPS Projections, Update

New feature in Draft Buddy displays Top 25 players by projected stats for the traditional 5x5 roto categories. It updates as your draft progresses.

New feature in Draft Buddy displays Top 25 players by projected stats for the traditional 5×5 roto categories. It updates as your draft progresses.

It was a tough week to get things published on the website!

Early in the week I was working on sister website MyOfficePool.ca to get its annual March Madness Survivor Pools up and running. Then by the time that happened I was keen to roll out a new feature for the fantasy baseball version of Draft Buddy in addition to a full projections update. The ZiPS projections showed up too, and I also sandwiched in a Toronto Raptors game with the family, a 104-94 win over the Utah Jazz.

I’m sure you are most keen to hear about the new feature. It is a brand new tab in Draft Buddy displaying the Top 25 available players projected at each of the traditional 5×5 roto categories. It constantly updates as you track your draft in Draft Buddy, so if you are looking for stolen bases, check this tab. Looking for a late round middle reliever to help deflate your ERA and WHIP? Check this tab.

Mucho props to member Matt Cramer for suggesting this feature, and even constructing one himself that worked great after we discussed some ideas on how to create it. I took Matt’s work, made some modifications and voilà, new feature. The tab only appears for roto leagues, but if you guys in points leagues feel it would be useful for you too then let me know. You will need to download the new version 2.0 to take advantage of this feature.

I can see expanding on this in the future, such as adding Draft Player buttons and highlighting different positions. Past midnight last night I had to call it for now. It was excitement enough to reduce the number of Excel formulas necessary to pull off the updated rankings trick to about a third from what I originally envisioned.

The week would not be complete with a proper projections update, and we can even do one better than that. The ZiPS projections are now available, courtesy of Dan Szymborski. Thanks Dan! ZiPS are found in the third yellow section scrolling right on the hitters data and pitchers data tabs in Draft Buddy, plus you can use them with Last Player Picked and our Player Comparison online tool.

Last but certainly not least, Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile projections are updated, plus ADP from FantasyPros and NFBC, and our depth charts thanks to member Kevin Baker (plus Mark I haven’t forgotten about your offer to help).

You can still use Draft Buddy 1.0 and get the update if you like, or download 2.0 and everything is already updated as of today in that new file. So who is drafting this weekend? Thanks and good luck!

Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy Now Available for 2016 Season

DB_Logo_BaseballOne of the two biggest news days of the year around these parts is today, the release of the new version of Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball! (The other biggest news day is the release of the new version of Draft Buddy for fantasy football, of course.)

Apologies for the delay, but between commitments last month to take courses, study and write (and pass!) an exam to become a Zend Certified PHP Engineer, and then some complications with our baseball player and stats database, this is the earliest I could roll it out.

Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball is FREE, once again. It includes updated Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile from FantasyPros projections, depth charts and Average Draft Position data from both NFBC and FantasyPros. It also includes detailed player stats from each of the past three seasons.

Draft Buddy works for roto and fantasy points scoring leagues, auctions or draft pick style drafts, and redraft or keeper leagues. You can value players using Draft Buddy’s valuation system, or import results from Last Player Picked.

To get Draft Buddy all you need is a free membership account for the website. If you already have one, then login and go to your member page. Once there click Add / Renew Subscription and you likely have to renew your access to the baseball version of Draft Buddy.

New users, register an account and check you want access to the baseball version of Draft Buddy. You then have access to the download page. While you are at it, if you play fantasy football then check off your interest and we will add you to our football mailing list.

I am available to answer questions about Draft Buddy so please feel free to send them over, via Twitter, Facebook, email, a support ticket or even in comments to this or other blog posts.

Thanks very much for supporting Draft Buddy. Good luck in the upcoming baseball season!

Comparing FanTrax, NFBC and RTS Fantasy Baseball League Options

Fantasy baseball season is underway! We are less than – oh my – one month to Opening Day. That is April 6th for those who haven’t marked it on the calendars yet.

If you are still looking for a fantasy league to join, like myself, then I thought I would summarize some options for us. This is if you don’t have a decent local or private league to join, and don’t want to get one going yourself, which can certainly be a chore being commissioner.

These are publicly available leagues operated by various websites. I believe they are reputable businesses. This is not paid advertising. I’m just trying to lend a hand as one fantasy player to other fantasy players.

I wouldn’t post options here that I don’t believe are good options, but always do your own due diligence before laying down your hard earned cash.


FanTrax Classic Drafts

  • Lobby
  • 12-team leagues
  • Entry fees $10, $25, $50, $100 and $250
  • Payouts 79% ($10 entry) and 85-92% ($25 and up)

There are numerous options here to get your fix. FanTrax has classic 5×5 roto and fantasy points leagues, season long cumulative and head-to-head standings. I’m having a little trouble finding the specific rules, but it appears these are weekly transactions leagues – weekly add/drops and lineup changes. That is much preferred for me over daily transactions. The thing holding me back here is all of the drafts are live drafts. I’d like a slow draft. Of course wait any longer and a live draft will be my only option.


National Fantasy Baseball Championship

  • Satellite Series
  • 12 and 15-team leagues
  • Entry fees $125 and up
  • Payouts 80% at lowest entry fees

Talk about options, this one has it, although mostly based on entry fee and prize structure, whether your league is part of a larger overall competition or not. Plus, NFBC leagues are generally for those in a slightly higher to much higher tax bracket. I’m going to focus on the stand-alone satellite leagues, but if you want a 5-star fantasy baseball league experience you should look into these live draft events hosted in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York. Professionally run and a great track record.

A satellite is a great way to understand the NFBC league format – classic roto, cumulative scoring. I like the ability to decide 12 or 15-team drafts. Deep starting lineups and rosters put more emphasis on the draft. Alas, still no slow draft options but a lot of time slots available for live drafts.


RealTime Fantasy Sports

  • Overview
  • 10 and 12-team leagues
  • Entry fees $19.95 and up
  • Payouts under 75% at $29.95 and lower but 85%+ at $49.95 and up

In terms of time commitment, maybe a 10-team league is a good option. The range of formats in this post underscores the importance of creating custom cheatsheets (preferably via Draft Buddy or Last Player Picked) to properly value players.

Back to RTS leagues, they have roto and points, head-to-head and cumulative, and even draft masters (draft only, no in-season transactions) and their own overall championship. Transactions are weekly or twice weekly. There are AL and NL-only options if that interests you. I am seeing some auction draft and slow draft options in their lobby. Lots of selection here, although FanTrax is more competitive at the lower entry fees.

I haven’t decided which of these I am going to sign up for as of yet. Perhaps I will diversify across each site and then I can comment later on the experience at each. I am also tempted by the FanTrax salary cap game (which takes me way back to my original fantasy sports initiation playing CDM Sports games published in Sporting News, pre-Internet), and of course I want to keep some budget for in-season daily fantasy baseball.

If there are other fantasy baseball league options you think I should consider, then please post a comment and let us know.