Another Update, Plus Baseball Player Rankings

A new week and yet another update for the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy. The Zeile Consensus Projections and ADP each received an update, which you can obtain by simply opening your copy of the Cheatsheet Compiler, going to the update tab, and hitting the Update Projections button, making sure you are asking for the Zeile (FantasyPros) projections from the available drop-down.

Don’t have the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy yet? They are free, including updates from now to Opening Day. All you need to do is register a member account (or login with your old one and renew access) and go to the download page to get the CC/DB, fantasy baseball version for 2013. Testimonials and/or donations to help pay for our web hosting and time are appreciated.

The CC/DB is in Microsoft Excel, which is software that some of you maybe don’t have on your computer, or don’t use currently or very often, or don’t care to try. I’ve tried to make the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy as user-friendly as possible, but it is within the confines of Excel which isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. As a (former) accountant, it was a natural for me, but I understand some reluctance or even frustration using a Microsoft product.

Team 5X5 ADP
1 MIL $46 1.01
2 DET $46 1.02
3 LAA $44 1.03
4 NYY $36 1.07
5 LAD $35 1.04
6 LAA $35 1.06
7 LAD $33 2.02

To help bridge the gap by providing something beneficial to non-Excel users, I posted new player ranking pages on the website. Print and go, with the old pencil and paper draft method. Nothing wrong with that, and you are certain to not spill beer on your laptop at the draft. The rankings are based on standard 5X5 roto scoring with a typical $260 salary cap (i.e. same format as you see in outdated magazines on the racks at the book store), pulled from the Cheatsheet Compiler. There are overall rankings and rankings by position. I’ll update these each time we update the projections in the Compiler.

I hope you find that helpful. Feedback is welcome either here in the blog comments, or on Twitter or Facebook.

Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet Compiler Is Ready

Ahead of last season by two days, the Cheatsheet Compiler for fantasy baseball is ready to download. Just in time to stay in all weekend with the big snow storm, from where I am sitting anyway.

The Cheatsheet Compiler, Draft Buddy and Projection Pal for fantasy baseball are free to download and use. Updates are also free. I plan to update the projections, ADP and depth charts about weekly until Opening Day of the 2013 MLB season. You need Microsoft Excel to use any of the Compiler, Buddy and Pal.

To download the Cheatsheet Compiler, register an account (free), login and then proceed to the download page. Existing members should be able to simply login and go to the download page.

In terms of changes from last year, we have some powerful new stuff! Here are the details:

The depth charts are not yet complete, but the Compiler should be in good enough shape to run it through its paces. Let me know if you notice any issues. The depth charts, Draft Buddy and Projection Pal should be ready next week. Feedback is welcome, preferably here or via Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy!