Suggested Improvements to Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy for Next Season


We are almost a week into the start of the MLB season, and I am going to my first Toronto Blue Jays game on Saturday versus the hated Boston Red Sox. Can’t wait! Although if there is no Josh Donaldson in the lineup that will be a real bummer. Latest is the Jays are hopeful he returns Friday. Come on Bringer Of Rain!

Anyway… this is pretty much a wrap on fantasy baseball season as far as our Draft Buddy draft software is concerned. Everyone is done drafting now, I take it?

If you were among our members who used Draft Buddy this season, I hope you found it extremely useful and want to come back and use it again next year. Thank you for the positive feedback, occasional donation, and even suggestions for improvement.

Speaking of which, I wanted to get some of these suggestions for improvement written out and saved where I can easily find them before we ramp up for next fantasy baseball season. I’ve tried keeping them on my desk before and that just doesn’t work very well. Plus, now you have an opportunity to add to the list right here, in the comments section.

Below are some suggestions I received by email, or thought of myself. Keep in mind I cannot promise all of these will happen. Some are a bit of a brain dump of ideas that haven’t even been fully thought out if they are possible. If you see one you really like then by all means comment your support for it, and as always I will do my best.

  1. FIX: Check conditional formatting for last row in the cheatsheets, as it may be missing.
  2. FIX: On the new Top 25 feature, some players are appearing more than once… I believe this is due to a handful of players (likely 3 or more) having the same projections of a particular stat category.
  3. FIX: Not sure the count of drafted players at UT and CI/MI are correct on the summary tab in certain cases. Check Steve P.’s email and file.
  4. NEW: Add Draft Player buttons to the hitters data and pitchers data tabs, enabling ability to draft from any tab that lists players.
  5. NEW: Add AB as a scoring category for fantasy points leagues.
  6. NEW: Add more / improve data such as positions for top prospects in MLB organizations to enhance keeper and dynasty leagues.
  7. NEW: Perhaps have a separate ranking list of top prospects to draft from beyond the rankings generated from the projections.
  8. NEW: Player comparison tab similar to the football version… or enhance the online player comparison tool (better idea).
  9. NEW: Deeper ADP list.

That is all I have for now, but again, if you have other suggestions then feel free to comment below, as will I if I receive (or remember) any other ideas by email.

Thanks again for supporting Draft Buddy. Enjoy baseball season, and go Blue Jays!

Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy Now Available for 2016 Season

DB_Logo_BaseballOne of the two biggest news days of the year around these parts is today, the release of the new version of Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball! (The other biggest news day is the release of the new version of Draft Buddy for fantasy football, of course.)

Apologies for the delay, but between commitments last month to take courses, study and write (and pass!) an exam to become a Zend Certified PHP Engineer, and then some complications with our baseball player and stats database, this is the earliest I could roll it out.

Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball is FREE, once again. It includes updated Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile from FantasyPros projections, depth charts and Average Draft Position data from both NFBC and FantasyPros. It also includes detailed player stats from each of the past three seasons.

Draft Buddy works for roto and fantasy points scoring leagues, auctions or draft pick style drafts, and redraft or keeper leagues. You can value players using Draft Buddy’s valuation system, or import results from Last Player Picked.

To get Draft Buddy all you need is a free membership account for the website. If you already have one, then login and go to your member page. Once there click Add / Renew Subscription and you likely have to renew your access to the baseball version of Draft Buddy.

New users, register an account and check you want access to the baseball version of Draft Buddy. You then have access to the download page. While you are at it, if you play fantasy football then check off your interest and we will add you to our football mailing list.

I am available to answer questions about Draft Buddy so please feel free to send them over, via Twitter, Facebook, email, a support ticket or even in comments to this or other blog posts.

Thanks very much for supporting Draft Buddy. Good luck in the upcoming baseball season!

Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy 2.0 – Player News and Last Player Picked Price Guide Integration

One of the new features in Version 2.0 of the Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is latest player news headlines pulled in when you update projections.

One of the new features in Version 2.0 of the Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is latest player news headlines pulled in when you update projections.

Pretty big update today folks with two cool new features for the fantasy baseball Draft Buddy. Plus, Projection Pal is ready. Plus, there was one fix to the compile cheatsheets process.

You must download Version 2.0 of Draft Buddy to get these new features and the fix. The link to download Projection Pal is also on the same page. Here are the details of the changes:

Player News Added

On each of the hitters data and pitchers data tabs, scroll to the far right and there is a spot for player notes. Its been there for some time, but finally I created new update files to include the latest news headlines from Rotoworld by player, as available, when you run Update Projections (either projections source).

The information doesn’t flow any where else in Draft Buddy at this time, but still pretty handy to scroll right and down the list to see the latest news item for players. Right now the update files are created locally and updated to the server, so the news isn’t available for Buddy in real-time, but I will see what I can do to provide more frequent updates.

Last Player Picked Integration

You know the online Last Player Picked Price Guide tool, right? We added it to the website last year (also reminding me I’ve overused the Dr. Frankenstein reference).

The LPP dollar value methodology is different than Draft Buddy, as they were each developed independently. At one point I thought about changing the Draft Buddy methodology to be the same as LPP, but that hasn’t come to fruition.

However, one of Draft Buddy’s strengths is its draft tracking ability, so even if you prefer dollar values generated from LPP, Draft Buddy is still useful after transferring the results from LPP to Draft Buddy. Last year I wrote a post on how to do this, but now I’ve made that process a lot easier.

Open Draft Buddy 2.0, and scroll to end of the tabs for a default CSV (comma separated file) from LPP. Run your own LPP results with the online tool, and at the end click League Info for the Export to CSV link. Download and open your CSV file, highlight the whole thing, copy and paste it on top of the current CSV output in Draft Buddy.

Final step, go to the options tab and at the top change the new Dollar Value Methodology option from Draft Buddy to Last Player Picked. Then hit Compile Cheatsheets, and the values in Draft Buddy on each of the hitters, pitchers and overall cheatsheets should match your values from LPP.

Compile Cheatsheets Fix

One of our long-time members, garf112, noticed in his league with no specific SP or RP designations, instead any 9 pitchers, that Draft Buddy gave some weird results between the starters (who had too much value) and relievers (who had very little value). I narrowed this down to one calculation not updating quickly enough during the Compile Cheatsheets process.

The above is just one example where the results went awry. In most league setups it was perhaps not very noticeable, but best practices would be to download Version 2.0 and input your league settings again and use this file going forward.

Projection Pal

Veteran member WilliamWallace sent me a note through our Help Desk the other night wondering when Projection Pal will be ready. For those who are not sure what Pal is, it is an optional tool (and separate download) to help import other projections or data into Draft Buddy. It helps ensure the data lines up with the right players on each of the hitters and pitchers tabs.

Pal is now ready. I am the first to admit it isn’t the easiest of tools to use, due to the complexity trying to clean and import data from a very wide variety of potential sources, but once you get the hang of it then it works quite well. Check the Projection Pal Demo Video for an overview how it works.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the new features!