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Download 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Buddy For Free

While I’ve been keeping busy maintaining our fantasy baseball stats database, and also turning my attention to the upcoming fantasy football season, I haven’t had much time to properly update instructions, videos, screenshots for our bread and butter product, Draft Buddy.

Draft Buddy, in case you weren’t aware, is the all-in-one custom player ranking cheatsheet creator and draft (or auction) tracking tool. It is in Microsoft Excel. There is a fantasy baseball version which is available for free and a fantasy football version that helps pay the bills.

Draft Buddy works for redraft, keeper or dynasty leagues. You can customize a ton of possible scoring systems. For baseball you can choose roto or fantasy points scoring. It includes stats for all players for the past three years, plus last half of the prior year. It includes projections for the current year, depth charts and average draft position data, and these are updated regularly from initial release in the early spring training or preseason through to Opening Day or opening kickoff.

These are some tricked out spreadsheets. They are older than my kids, which is saying something now that Megan . . . well, anything I say about my eldest daughter she would surely be embarrassed about, so yes, she’s “that old”.

Draft Buddy has gone through a lot of changes over the years, including a name change. You’ll still see some references to Cheatsheet Compiler, the first half of the old combined CC & DB name. The videos give some insight into how Draft Buddy works, but if they aren’t keeping up with the changes, then I need to make new videos. Given the lack of time, as mentioned, I wanted to come up with another way for people to try out the Fantasy Football Draft Buddy.

How about a free trial?

Perfect. And I’m not going to create a separate stripped down version of Draft Buddy, but rather I will make the 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Buddy available to download. To get it, you just need to login or register (for free) and subscribe to the football version. Heck, and get the baseball version too if you missed out this year and want to check it out.

It has last year’s projections in it of course, and player stats from 2010-2012 NFL seasons. If you have any questions then feel free to post a comment here or shoot me an email. I am travelling a fair bit over the next couple weeks, but I will respond to every comment or email as soon as possible.

I hope you like it, and decide to give it a try for the now fast approaching, 2014 NFL season. Cheers.

Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy Now Available

The 2014 Cheatsheet Compiler and Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball are ready to roll! As of this morning our long running custom rankings and draft tracking tools include updated player projections for each of Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile Consensus Projections, updated average draft position data from three sources, and updated depth charts.

To get it, all you have to do is login (for returning members) or register (for free), and go to the download page to find the links to download each of the Cheatsheet Compiler and Draft Buddy files. Returning members may have to go to their member page to “renew” their subscription.

If you are new to the Compiler and Draft Buddy, the best way to get started understanding how to use the software is to check the available demo videos. You do need Microsoft Excel to use it. It is still in older versions of Excel but should work fine in newer versions of Excel.

Check the version notes on the download page. I realize the post-all-star game stats are missing, as I am still compiling game stats from prior years so I can include those. There are full season MLB player stats for 2011, 2012 and 2013. I’ve seen some websites simply selling a spreadsheet of prior year stats. Seriously? Even if all you need are stats you might as well download the Cheatsheet Compiler for free.

The players included in the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy are 40-man rosters from our depth charts plus key free agents. If you notice any player missing you think should be included, let me know. If you have any feedback or questions, post a comment or shoot me a note via Twitter, Facebook or email. I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.

Thanks for checking out the software, and have fun prepping for your upcoming fantasy baseball drafts!

Mike MacGregor

April 19, 2013

Two and a half weeks into the Major League Baseball season, and the Toronto Blue Jays are not where fans like myself hoped they’d be so far, sitting two games below .500 after a win tonight at home to the Chicago White Sox. It is still very early. I held my expectations in check even while the Jays skyrocketed up the Vegas odds list to win the World Series, but it is still a little disappointing thanks to some ugly pitching performances, lack of consistent hitting and a mostly absentee Jose Bautista through almost 10% of the season (16 games played / 162).

Losing Jose Reyes for three months with a twisted ankle is an extra tough pill to swallow. He looked absolutely awesome, especially as many of the other new Jays and old Jays alike struggled. I feel like the value of my Jays tickets over the next three months dropped somewhat knowing we won’t see him out there manning short. Come back healthy, Jose.

Okay, so as you can see from the sudden decline in updates since the season started, not much is going on here for fantasy baseball for the time being. Our main annual contribution to fantasy baseball is the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy, but once the season starts, it did its job and we essentially pack it away until next season. Thanks once again to everyone who used it this year.

I thought about adding regularly updated player stats, but given the cost to purchase the stats and time parsing and inserting them into the database, that hasn’t happened. It may still, but other projects are taking higher priority currently. I updated the team rosters and depth charts today, and will continue to try to keep them updated on roughly a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The projects that are taking all of my time are all about, fantasy football. The NFL just announced its 2013 schedule tonight. The NFL Draft is one week away. My dynasty leagues are starting to buzz with a little more action. Yep, time to get ready for fantasy football draft season. June will be here faster than I want to think about it.

Most of the work I’m doing is all behind the scenes right now, updating my football database, getting Draft Buddy ready and thinking about my own rankings. As I have updates to give, I’ll give them, but I wanted to write this now because the site was getting a bit stale since our previous baseball update as the season started.

Here is hoping your fantasy baseball season is looking up the way the Blue Jays season was expected to go, and even if its not, there is still a long season ahead, and not to mention, fantasy football to look forward to.