Initial 2016 Fantasy Football Redraft Rankings and Projections

Adrian Peterson

Where do we rank Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson? Spoiler: Tier 2, RB3. Check out the complete QB, RB, WR and TE redraft player projections and cheatsheet rankings.

Last week you got an appetizer with our preliminary ranking tiers for each of quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end positions. Today is the release of our initial detailed player projections and rankings for the 2016 season.

Fantasy football season is underway. You know, the main drafting season entertaining the vast majority of fantasy footballers worldwide, not the 365-days on the calendar version a smaller hard core group of us are card carrying members of (here!). So given that, high time we published our initial projections and rankings for redraft leagues.

I am currently in Round 12 of the Scott Fish Bowl, better known as SFB#480 on Twitter. The draft is going okay, but I don’t feel it is stellar. Probably not enough mock drafting practice heading in resulting in numerous players I hoped to get a round later not falling, or just a really tough group of competitors.

At any rate, now I feel I have base rankings to start from, and between now and early September these rankings will be scrutinized and adjusted for training camp and preseason news, plus additional research and analysis of players, situations and simply new thoughts on players and player value. That is the way it goes with prognosticating fantasy football. These are fluid documents.

From browsing around the website, most everything is up to date now to get us fully into 2016 draft prep, but since the new design of the website implemented before baseball season there are still a number of features that could look better and be more user friendly. The plan is to get tackling those starting next week too.

Last but certainly not least, if you haven’t got Draft Buddy yet, then get on it. It is updated with projections from FF Today and ready to help you in all of your upcoming drafts. We will have a method of pulling our projections into Draft Buddy soon.

Thanks for your time. Would love to hear some feedback on the rankings and projections. Feel free to comment below.

Preliminary 2016 Quarterback Redraft Ranking Tiers

Andrew Luck

We have five quarterbacks in Tier 1 of our preliminary ranking tiers, including the Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck, looking for a big comeback off an injury plagued and ugly 2015 season.

Draft Buddy is available for the 2016 fantasy football season. Many of you are already drafting numerous redraft, best-ball and dynasty leagues (me too), so download Draft Buddy to get started down the path to hoisting your league trophy at season’s end.

In addition to providing Draft Buddy each season with player projections from FF Today, we also publish our own projections and cheatsheets right here at Today is the day we get started on that with preliminary quarterback redraft ranking tiers.

To be clear, these are just the tiers, not the actual rankings, so do not get too hung up on where a player is relative to players in the same tier. Focus more on the tier groups themselves.

There is no commentary at this time, but as we slowly roll out our fantasy football projections and rankings for the upcoming season the basic plan is this:

  • preliminary tiers
  • rankings and projections
  • player commentary
  • ongoing adjustments and updates

With respect to the preliminary tiers, while we have knowledge about current average draft position (i.e. average rankings of players), there was no reference made to ADP creating the tiers. Also, as we dig more into the detailed rankings and projections, a few more outliers from ADP will become more prominent, which will be players we promote to target or avoid in your fantasy drafts.

Please feel free to comment below on the tiers. Who is too high? Who is too low? Who are we totally off base on? Looking forward to your feedback. Lets keep the comments constructive and cool.

Tier 1

Aaron Rodgers
Andrew Luck
Cam Newton
Drew Brees
Russell Wilson

Tier 2

Ben Roethlisberger
Blake Bortles
Philip Rivers
Tom Brady

Tier 3

Carson Palmer
Eli Manning
Kirk Cousins
Matthew Stafford
Ryan Tannehill

Tier 4

Alex Smith
Andy Dalton
Derek Carr
Jameis Winston
Jay Cutler
Marcus Mariota
Matt Ryan
Tony Romo
Tyrod Taylor

Tier 5

Blaine Gabbert
Brock Osweiler
Joe Flacco
Mark Sanchez
Teddy Bridgewater

Tier 6

Geno Smith
Jared Goff ®
Robert Griffin III
Sam Bradford

Tier 7

Jimmy Garoppolo
Josh McCown

Fantasy Football Draft Buddy Ready for 2016 Season

The Fantasy Football Draft Buddy is now available for the 2016 season!

We continue our partnership with to include their detailed player projections in Draft Buddy, including regularly scheduled updates to those projections from now to the start of the season.

Use Draft Buddy to create your own custom player ranking cheatsheets to prepare for your fantasy football draft. Once your cheatsheets are ready, then Draft Buddy helps you track your draft and stay organized.

One of the new features added this season include draft player / undo pick buttons on each position tab, plus players are marked off as drafted on these tabs.

Another feature lets the user hide / show some of the setup tabs by clicking a button. Also, Team Defense or IDP tabs are hidden after compiling cheatsheets if not applicable to the league based on the settings. These changes are meant to make Draft Buddy easy to navigate through the various tabs.

Draft Buddy is based on Microsoft Excel and works in all versions of Excel for Windows or Mac except Mac Office 2008 (no Visual Basic). It is $12.95 right now, discounted $4 off the regular $16.95 price.

Returning customers simply need to login to their member account and Add/Renew Subscription. New customers can register a new account to purchase Draft Buddy.

As always, if you have questions about Draft Buddy before or after your purchase then please contact me via email (mike [at], the comments section below, our Fantasy Help Desk, Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for your time, and lets get ready for another great season of fantasy football!