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Still Drafting? Final 2015 Fantasy Baseball Projections Update for Draft Buddy and Last Player Picked

Still drafting? Yeah, I know some of you are, even with the MLB season five days old.

I kind of forget about this nuance with fantasy baseball compared to fantasy football each year, which rarely drafts after NFL Week 1, but it makes sense for baseball. Its a long season. Why not wait and get a small glimpse of the first few real games before drafting your squad, if that is how your fellow owners prefer to do it.

A few members emailed me saying they are drafting this weekend, and a number of people are still downloading Draft Buddy, so I figured, why not do another update? Plus, it kind of bugged me Craig Kimbrel continued to show as an Atlanta Brave in Draft Buddy, Last Player Picked and on our cheatsheet rankings. He was traded to the San Diego Padres after the season started, but man, missed it by one day? The fact people are still drafting gave me a great excuse to update for the latest transactions and depth chart moves.

So, whether you are drafting, or even if you simply want to update Draft Buddy for the latest changes, open it up, go to the action tab, and click Update Projections. I updated the Steamer-Fangraphs projections, the Zeile projections from FantasyPros, and depth charts for all 30 teams. I didn’t update the Average Draft Position, as that hasn’t changed from our available sources. The latest player news, found to the far right on the hitters data and pitchers data tabs, continues to update automatically and I will leave that on through this weekend.

For those who have stuck with us since the season started—thank you—we do have updated player stats every day. You can view the stats by game from the scoreboard on the front page, such as Toronto Blue Jays-New York Yankees game last night, and also by day, season, and further filtered by any or all positions and by team.

The plan is to keep updating the depth charts and baseball stats, and expanding on the stat features (did you notice the FanDuel salary amounts in those prior links?) plus more baseball content as we are able. We will start rolling out some football content in the near future, too.

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Copy League Settings Feature and Problem with Keepers in Draft Buddy

A couple more tech support questions and answers for fantasy baseball Draft Buddy that the rest of our members may find useful.

Copy League Settings

Q: What happened to the option to import settings from a previous version of Draft Buddy? ~ dosete

A: Since the baseball version has gone through so many changes since last year, I removed it until things were more settled. I will likely put it back next year.

It is still there for football (action tab, lower left). I don’t think I had it in baseball last year either. Remember last year we were still in split files between the Cheatsheet Compiler and Draft Buddy, the first version for 2014, and then I combined them for version 2.0.

Problem With Keepers

Q: I just entered my keepers and hit Compile Cheatsheets, but the keepers didn’t show up on the draft report tab and they didn’t grey out on any of the cheatsheet tabs. I changed the reset keepers options on the action tab reset to No, but that didn’t change anything. Please help! ~ emoney28

A: Do keepers cost a draft pick? If so, then the keepers might have been removed from the draft report tab when you hit Compile. Once you have keepers input on the keepers tab (and they cost a draft pick) then change both reset options on the action tab to no.

If you lost the keepers on the draft report tab, but they are still on keepers, then simply change the draft pick drop down to blank, and then back to the right pick. Player should then appear beside that pick on draft report, and update the other tabs.

Follow-up reply: Thanks Mike. I set “reset draft order and picks” to no then re-entered the rounds the keepers were taken in and it worked.

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Figuring Out Why My Draft Buddy Settings Result in Undervalued Hitters and Overvalued Pitchers

The tech support questions keep rolling in for the fantasy baseball version of Draft Buddy as we enter the final weekends before Major League Baseball’s regular season kicks off, and fantasy drafts are running rampant.

Q: I’m having a little trouble with the software. When I first download the program and review the projections and rankings, the first four or five players are hitters (which I agree with). Once I enter in my league settings and Compile Cheatsheets, the first five or six overall ranked players are pitchers.

My league settings are…

24 active players, 5 bench for total of 29 rounds
14 hitters (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, OF, OF, OF, OF, DH, DH, DH)
10 Pitchers (6 SP, 3 RP, 1 P)
3 keepers, cost a draft pick
Roto, mixed League
5 x 5 (Runs, BA, SB, HR, RBI, WHIP, ERA, W, S, K)

I leave all of the other settings as-is.

I’m trying to figure out why the rankings are changing so dramatically after I compile. I would expect Mike Trout to be the #1 ranked player on everyone’s draft board, followed by Stanton, Abreu, Cabrera in some order. After I compile the first three players are Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale and Max Scherzer.

Any insight would be great, really looking forward to using the software, you do a great job. ~ mgfarb

A: Thanks Matt! How many teams? Also I assume DH is really UT (any hitter) and not a true DH. Make sure you have it set to UT. Here are some thoughts from what you’ve sent me:

I’m surprised pitchers would be that high too. I’d still strongly prefer hitters first, but in terms of results, 6 starting pitchers is quite a bit relative to the other positions. I think due to position scarcity it might be pushing those pitchers up thinking you’ve got a lot of positions to fill.

Remember the results are pure numbers based. If we hit projections exactly, you probably are better off with pitchers. But, since they are more risky than hitters, and more unexpected pitchers emerge, that is why hitters get drafted higher.

That is why the hitters/pitchers cap allocation is split the way it is by default. What you could do is reduce the cap allocation to pitchers (increase hitters) even more, and that should shuffle more dollars to hitters overall, to get the cheatsheets more to your liking.

Follow-up reply: Thanks for the response, I changed the DH to UT and the projections and rankings look good now. Your point about position scaracity makes sense too. Appreciate the response and look forward to using the software.