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Download 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Buddy For Free

While I’ve been keeping busy maintaining our fantasy baseball stats database, and also turning my attention to the upcoming fantasy football season, I haven’t had much time to properly update instructions, videos, screenshots for our bread and butter product, Draft Buddy.

Draft Buddy, in case you weren’t aware, is the all-in-one custom player ranking cheatsheet creator and draft (or auction) tracking tool. It is in Microsoft Excel. There is a fantasy baseball version which is available for free and a fantasy football version that helps pay the bills.

Draft Buddy works for redraft, keeper or dynasty leagues. You can customize a ton of possible scoring systems. For baseball you can choose roto or fantasy points scoring. It includes stats for all players for the past three years, plus last half of the prior year. It includes projections for the current year, depth charts and average draft position data, and these are updated regularly from initial release in the early spring training or preseason through to Opening Day or opening kickoff.

These are some tricked out spreadsheets. They are older than my kids, which is saying something now that Megan . . . well, anything I say about my eldest daughter she would surely be embarrassed about, so yes, she’s “that old”.

Draft Buddy has gone through a lot of changes over the years, including a name change. You’ll still see some references to Cheatsheet Compiler, the first half of the old combined CC & DB name. The videos give some insight into how Draft Buddy works, but if they aren’t keeping up with the changes, then I need to make new videos. Given the lack of time, as mentioned, I wanted to come up with another way for people to try out the Fantasy Football Draft Buddy.

How about a free trial?

Perfect. And I’m not going to create a separate stripped down version of Draft Buddy, but rather I will make the 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Buddy available to download. To get it, you just need to login or register (for free) and subscribe to the football version. Heck, and get the baseball version too if you missed out this year and want to check it out.

It has last year’s projections in it of course, and player stats from 2010-2012 NFL seasons. If you have any questions then feel free to post a comment here or shoot me an email. I am travelling a fair bit over the next couple weeks, but I will respond to every comment or email as soon as possible.

I hope you like it, and decide to give it a try for the now fast approaching, 2014 NFL season. Cheers.

Position Eligibility for Miguel Cabrera

Here is a question received from Ken using the fantasy baseball Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy:


Thanks for the great tools. One quick question. My league’s positional eligibility is based solely on games played previous year. As such, Miguel Cabrera should not qualify at 1B.

Is there a set-up that I am missing that is causing him to appear on the 1B cheatsheet? I have the position eligibility set to 20 games. If not, is there a means to manually remove him from the first base list, while keeping him on the 3B list?


And my answer in response to that question:

Hi Ken. Thanks! The reason he pops out at 1B is because he is on the depth charts (in my database) at 1B. Surely once he plays a minimum number of games at 1B then you can start him there this season, no?

Anyway, you can make an adjustment to prevent him from showing at 1B. Go to the hitters tab and under Position for him, change from 1B to 3B. Hit Compile Cheatsheets and it should remove him from 1B, since he doesn’t have position eligibility there based on number of games played last year. Each time you update, you’ll have to make that change.

Maybe I can create some kind of option to only choose positions based on games played prior year, not both games played and projected position this year.



Post-All-Star Game Stats Added to Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet Compiler

I uploaded a new copy of the Cheatsheet Compiler for fantasy baseball this afternoon that now includes the post-all-star game stats for all hitters and pitchers. To get this version simply download the new file (version number didn’t change, still 1.0), and use it going forward.

I went through a different method of compiling the stats than in prior years, so now I actually have baseball player stats on a per game basis in the database. For example, here are the home run leaders by month from the 2013 season:

J.Upton 12
B.Harper 9
E.Encarnacion 9
J.Buck 9
C.Davis 9
D.Brown 12
M.Cabrera 12
C.Davis 10
M.Dominguez 8
M.Moreland 8
C.Gonzalez 8
M.Trout 8
C.Davis 12
J.Bruce 10
P.Alvarez 10
R.Ibanez 10
I.Desmond 9
M.Cabrera 9
C.Gonzalez 9
A.Dunn 9
A.Beltre 9
A.Soriano 9
J.Lucroy 7
A.Jones 7
T.Hunter 7
C.Davis 7
K.Morales 7
M.Cabrera 7
D.Uggla 7
J.Werth 7
P.Alvarez 7
M.Cabrera 11
A.Soriano 11
D.Ruf 9
J.Morneau 9
C.Davis 9
H.Pence 11
R.Zimmerman 11
M.Adams 8
C.Crisp 7
A.Lind 7
W.Ramos 7
N.Swisher 7
N.Walker 7

I was going for Top 5 by month, but it turns out there were a bunch of ties for that fifth spot. Future project will be to figure out where and how to display the game stats on the website.

Make sure to check out the Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy if you haven’t already. If anyone notices any issues or errors with the stats or file features, then please let me know. Contact via Twitter or Facebook or email.