Re-upping Draft Buddy and Gearing Up for Fantasy Baseball

Draft Buddy is ready and I've got some Big League Chew. Time to get geared up for fantasy baseball!

Draft Buddy is ready and I’ve got some Big League Chew. Time to get geared up for fantasy baseball!

Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball is ready for the 2015 season. Version 1.0 of DB was published last week, and a newsletter is out to our baseball members that it is ready.

Not sure what Draft Buddy is? It is a combined custom cheatsheet player rankings and draft tracker tool, created in Microsoft Excel. It works for fantasy points and roto scoring leagues of varying sizes and formats. It includes two sets of 2015 projections, Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile from FantasyPros. It includes player stats from 2012-2014. It is FREE to download, use and update. We will be doing regular updates from now through Opening Day. Start by reviewing the features to understand how it works.

For prior members to download the new 2015 version, simply login to your existing account and renew your subscription, as follows:

Member login box is now in the right sidebar of most pages on the website. Note I am logged in but have no subscription to "Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy" (only Football). Click Renew Subscription

Member login box is now in the right sidebar of most pages on the website. Note I am logged in but have no subscription to “Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy” (only Football)

The Renew Subscription page looks like this. Check the "Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy" option and click Next

The Renew Subscription page looks like this. Check the “Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy” option and click Next

After renewing, a Thank You page should direct you to download Draft Buddy, but also returning to the homepage, logged in, you should see Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy Download amongst your active subscriptions

After renewing, a Thank You page should direct you to download Draft Buddy, but also returning to the homepage, logged in, you should see “Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy” amongst your active subscriptions

For new members, register an account (also free) and make similar selections as part of your registration – that you want the Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy. Hey, while you are at it, if you play Fantasy Football then please feel free to check off the Fantasy Football Member option as well so I can add you to that mailing list.

When you first open Draft Buddy in Excel, go through the first five tabs in order. Most of your changes will be made on tabs 1 (rules) and 2 (scoring), while tab 3 (owners) can really be filled in any time, and the default settings on tab 4 (options) should be fine to start. Then on the tab 5 (action), make sure to click the Compile Cheatsheets button. This will create your custom cheatsheets and adjust the other tabs as appropriate for the size of your league.

I plan to update the projections, depth charts and ADP later this week. Watch for the note when it is ready on Facebook or Twitter, and if you have any questions that is a good way to track me down, or post a comment here.

As for my own fantasy baseball preparation, there are really too many quality podcasts, websites and individual writers to mention. Maybe what I will do is some due diligence (a.k.a. fantasy baseball research) and then post or tweet out the sources I liked and felt were a big help. Any suggestions you guys have, then please let me know.

I’m also deciding between a couple league or contest options. I prefer a slow draft just to help me manage my time on the home front. Options appear to be limited so maybe some salary cap style contests. I started to make some notes comparing different ways we can blow our fantasy budget. Sounds like the makings of another future post!

It’s Alive! Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy 1.0 Now Available

The first version of Draft Buddy for the 2015 fantasy baseball season is now available for download!

We are having some slight technical difficulties this morning with the website. Namely, we changed servers (yay), but that buggered our member login software (boo).

I didn’t want to be deterred however, so the file is now available for open download. You do not need to register or login to access it. Maybe come back later and make it official? It helps me track numbers so I know how many people are using it, and then at that time you can use our help desk integrated with the member software for tech support.

Right now Draft Buddy is the same as last season. It includes two sets of projections, one from Steamer-Fangraphs and the Zeile projections from FantasyPros. It includes player stats from the 2012 to 2014 seasons, plus 2014 post-All-Star Game stats. You can set up roto or fantasy points scoring leagues, choose a wide variety of stat categories plus position options. It tracks your drafts and does all sorts of cool things.

Note at the start of last season Draft Buddy was split into two files – Cheatsheet Compiler (custom cheatsheet generator) and Draft Buddy (draft tracker). Partway through last season I managed to combine them into one file, which is great, but some of our instructions and demo videos may be a little dated referencing each file separately. I am working to update them, but they can still be useful as much of the functionality in the combined file is similar.

If you need some help with something, post here in the blog, on Facebook or Twitter, or shoot me an email. Thanks!

DFS Fantasy Football Recommendations – Week 16: Target Players On Playoff Bound Packers, Lions, Cowboys

Green Bay, WI, USA - Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) passes to a receiver during the first quarter on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Photographer: Charlotte Observer/Zumapress/Icon Sportswire

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers had a rough go of it last week against the Buffalo Bills. Tony is expecting a big bounce back week this week at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Photo: Icon Sportswire

[Editor’s Note: Big shout out to our own Tony Fashoda who qualified and is competing this week to be crowned the Overall Champion amongst 10 finalists in the prestigious, highly competitive, ultra-cool 2014 Scott Fish Bowl Invitational (Twitter: #2014SFB). This competition includes 240 players! Check the playoffs page to see Tony listed (and how he does after Week 16), and here is his draft recap from July. You can quickly see why he’s amongst the top teams drafting Peyton-Le’Veon Bell-Cobb 1-2-3, but also drafting Odell Beckham, Jr. in the 14th round. Good luck Tony! We are definitely pulling for you all the way this week!]

If you were so lucky to make it into your league’s fantasy championship, then congratulations, and good luck this week! For those of you that lost but are still looking for that fantasy football rush, look no further than Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Most people play at FanDuel and DraftKings.

Week 16 in the NFL will be very competitive as majority of the teams are still playing for something (secure a playoff spot, home field advantage). Some teams out of the playoffs may be motivated to improve their draft position in the NFL Draft, but coaches and current players are typically more interested in their own job security. Lets not get too cute this week. Stick to playoff-bound teams and start the studs!


Elite, Expensive: Aaron Rodgers, GB (Week 16 @ Tampa Bay)
Rodgers had one of his worst professional games in Week 15 against the tough Buffalo Bills defense. He did not throw a touchdown and had two interceptions. Week 16 is a must win for Green Bay to stay in the playoff hunt. This is exactly what Green Bay needs, an easy matchup for a morale-boosting dominating win. I expect Rodgers and Green Bay to roll big time.

Middle of the Road: Matthew Stafford, DET (Week 16 vs Chicago)
We know Detroit is a different team on the road and at home, however, when it comes to division games, they always show up to play. In Week 15, Detroit was kept quiet by the Minnesota defense. In Week 16, Detroit takes a short trip down to Chicago for a division matchup. Chicago is horrendous. Detroit and Stafford will thoroughly enjoy embarrassing their rival. Stafford easily tops 300 yards and two touchdowns.

Cheap, High Upside: Andy Dalton, CIN (Week 16 vs Denver)
Cincinnati is sitting atop the AFC North right now, but Pittsburgh is breathing down their necks as the competition for division champ is winding down. Cincinnati gets the “pleasure” of welcoming Denver on Monday Night Football next week. If Cincinnati wants to keep up with Manning and the Broncos, Dalton will need to play some of his best football. He has a chance to produce some great value at his current price. He is worth the risk.

Running Backs

Elite, Expensive: Eddie Lacy, GB (Week 16 @ Tampa Bay)
Lacy is the sixth best running back in the league, which is an amazing feat after the way he performed the first four weeks of the season. Tampa Bay ranks among the worst 10 run defenses. Lacy should continue to thrive as Green Bay rolls in this game.

Middle of the Road: Mark Ingram, NO (Week 16 vs Atlanta)
Ingram should get plenty of work in this division showdown. Atlanta has the worst run defense in the league, so Ingram should have a great day. In Week 1 against the Falcons, Ingram finished with 60 yards and two touchdowns. I expect a repeat performance this week as this will be a high-scoring game once again.

Cheap, High Upside: Steven Jackson, ATL (Week 16 @ New Orleans)
Over the last seven weeks, Jackson has had either a touchdown or over 100 yards rushing in five of seven weeks. New Orleans running defense is not very good as they rank in the bottom 10. Jackson should get plenty of opportunities in this game as Atlanta will want to keep the ball out of Drew Brees‘ hands.

Wide Receivers

Elite, Expensive: Calvin Johnson, DET (Week 16 @ Chicago)
Johnson had a tough matchup in Week 15 against a vastly underrated Minnesota defense. I expect him to break out for a big game in Week 16 as Detroit is still in contention for the division title. Stack Stafford and Johnson; they should have monster days against a BAD Chicago defense.

Middle of the Road: Jordy Nelson, GB / Randall Cobb, GB (Week 16 @ Tampa Bay)
See Aaron Rodgers; Green Bay wins BIG!

Cheap, High Upside: Cole Beasley, DAL (Week 16 vs Indianapolis)
With the news of DeMarco Murray possibly not playing on Sunday due to surgery on a broken bone in his left hand, Joesph Randle and Lance Dunbar will need to fill in for Murray. They, by no means, are on the same level as Murray. Tony Romo will need to throw more to keep pace with Indianapolis and Andrew Luck. Expect Indianapolis to double-cover Dez Bryant following his three-touchdown performance in Week 15. That means Beasley, who has emerged as the true number two wide receiver for Dallas, should find plenty of open room to roam and earn targets from Romo. Beasley provides great value this week.

Tight Ends

Elite, Expensive: Rob Gronkowski, NE (Week 16 @ New York Jets)
I tried to get cute last week and go with another tight end (Jimmy Graham) instead of Gronkowski. My bad. This week, I am going back to the best tight end in the game. He seems to produce no matter what the matchup is. Plug him in and watch him tear up the Pats’ division rival.

Middle of the Road: Coby Fleener, IND (Week 16 @ Dallas)
Dallas has a weakness at defending the tight end position. Dwayne Allen had a good game in Week 15, but Fleener received more of the targets from Andrew Luck. Fleener (and Allen) should have an easy day getting open against Dallas.

Cheap, High Upside: Jason Witten, DAL (Week 16 vs Indianapolis)
See Cole Beasley. Expect Romo to look for Witten A LOT as his safety valve.


Seattle Seahawks (Week 16 @ Atlanta)
Seattle is the best defense over the last 3 weeks. They are playing at a high level. They now go to Arizona, who is on their third-string quarterback. Seattle will shut down Arizona as they push for the top seed in the NFC.

Detroit Lions (Week 16 @ Chicago)
Chicago is an embarrassment. Detroit has a good defense. Detroit is still competing for the division. Detroit always plays Chicago tough. This has blowout written all over it.

Baltimore Ravens (Week 16 @ Houston)
Houston is down to their third-string quarterback. Whether it is Thad Lewis or Case Keenum starting, Baltimore should have a field day. Also, Baltimore hasn’t allowed a running back to rush for over 100 yards in 24 consecutive games, so if Houston’s plan is to lean on Arian Foster, they might struggle all day.