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Zeile from FantasyPros 2016 Fantasy Baseball Projections

1991rookies-zeileWe announced adding the Steamer-Fangraphs projections to the website earlier this week, updating numerous features including Last Player Picked. Today we added another set of projections, the Zeile consensus expert projections from FantasyPros.

Going by memory and for what it is worth, these projections are named after former St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Todd Zeile. Technically former Card and then 10 different teams in the final 10 of his 16 MLB seasons. We have a Shane Zeile in our database, apparently nephew of Todd per Wikipedia.

With the addition of the Zeile projections, not only do you have another option for LPP, but our player comparison tool has a little more to, well, compare. Say you wanted to look at Bryce Harper vs. Mike Trout for the upcoming season.

Thanks to Dave Kim over at FantasyPros for letting us use the Zeile projections and Average Draft Position data that will find its way into Draft Buddy.

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Steamer-Fangraphs 2016 Fantasy Baseball Projections


Attention fantasy baseball fans, the first cut of 2016 projections from Steamer and Fangraphs are now available. Thanks very much to Jared Cross, the man behind the Steamer projections, and Fangraphs for incorporating their playing time adjustments.

The projections update quite a few of our online features in one fell swoop, including team-by-team projections, player pages, player vs. player comparison tool and the dollar value calculator (roto and fantasy points versions), Last Player Picked.

This helps us get closer to releasing the 2016 fantasy baseball version of Draft Buddy. I am targeting end of this week but sorry, no promises! Doing my best here. If you aren’t already signed up as a baseball member (for free) on our website then make sure to do that and we will send an email to all members when it is ready for download.

Props to member Kevin Baker for helping update our MLB team depth charts. That is another piece of the puzzle for a new season of Draft Buddy. Thanks Kevin! Online cheatsheet rankings will get updated after Draft Buddy is released.

Once all of our baseball features are ready for this season, then hopefully I can pull down the front page Under Construction image, too. Lots to do still so clearly it is time for me to get back to work!

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Run Draft Buddy From Your iPad or Android Tablet

We have a new potential method for running Draft Buddy on an iPad and other tablets. I got this up and running in just a few minutes.

We have a new potential method for running Draft Buddy on an iPad and other tablets. I got this up and running in just a few minutes.

While Draft Buddy requires Microsoft Excel, and the iPad version of Excel is not sufficient to run Draft Buddy, due to its more advanced features and back-end programming, we still managed to find a solution to run Draft Buddy on an iPad (old method). That was the case, until the OnLive Desktop free third-party service stopped operating earlier this year.

It looks like we are on track again. Described below is a new method that looks very promising for you guys to use Draft Buddy on your iPad. Props to customer Scott B. who brought this to my attention.

The third-party software I used to accomplish the task is called TeamViewer. It is free. You will need an internet connection.

Essentially installing TeamViewer on your desktop or laptop, connected to your home network, and then the TeamViewer app on your iPad, allows you to control your home computer from the iPad. Your home computer has Excel and Draft Buddy, and voila, you are running DB from your tablet.

Here are the steps I followed:

1. Download and install TeamViewer to my laptop that has Excel and Draft Buddy on it. Indicate simple setup – want to control this computer and it is for personal, non-commerical use.

2. As part of the installation, agree to create a TeamViewer account. Confirm email address. This step may not even be necessary.

3. TeamViewer starts up and presents an id and password, credentials that another computer will need to take control of this computer. Note, I didn’t even have Excel or Draft Buddy open at this point.

4. Start iPad and go to, and it should prompt you to go to the App Store to install the TeamViewer app. Do that.

5. Open TeamViewer app and it prompts you for id from step 3. Input that, then the password, and your iPad should turn into your desktop/laptop screen. It gives instructions to navigate the app (normal touch controls). Now you have control of your computer that has Draft Buddy.

At this point I was able to open Excel, open Draft Buddy, make setting changes, Compile Cheatsheets and draft some players.

I did find the touch control scrolling on the offense tab a little difficult to go side to side. Up and down scrolling was no problem. It made me see if it is possible to get a mouse for an iPad, and it looks like you can switch the TeamViewer app to register mouse controls instead of touch controls. That might work better.

Speed seemed okay. Similar to the old OnLive Desktop I would guess you need a good internet connection on both ends of this setup for it to work well.

Feel free to try this out and report how it is going. I’m going to keep testing here, and might go to Best Buy and look for an iPad mouse too. Although I don’t have an Android tablet the TeamViewer website indicates they have an Android app and Windows phone app, too.